Yoga Energy Studio

Your favorite studio, Yoga Energy Studio at 1010 Central Ave, in St Pete, FL has re-opened!

After a couple of years of taking our in-person and online teacher training around the world, we have come full circle.

Back at the Yoga Energy Studio where the journey began, we are excited to be here to share with you the next phase of our Yoga Life!

To travel a circle wisely is to journey over the same ground for the first time. In this way, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the circle, a path to where you wish to be. – Neale Donald Walsch

The original vibe you knew and loved with an upgraded twist such as:

Say YES to personal growth and community empowerment through a variety of exciting classes, private trainings and workshops designed with you and your well-being in mind!

  • Y.E.S. to Better Health with our Ayurvedic Seminars (aka Funshops)!
  • Y.E.S. to Powerful Stress Relief and Practical Stress Management Techniques with our Non-Structured Meditation Bootcamps!
  • Y.E.S. to Improved Focus and Enhanced Cognitive Performance with our Breathwork Classes!
  • Y.E.S. to Empowerment and Transformation through our Personal Fitness Training!
  • Y.E.S. to Greater Strength and Mobility through our Personal Yoga Therapy Sessions!
  • Y.E.S. to the State of High Mental Performance with our Private Electronic Gem Therapy!

“Be infinitely flexible and constantly amazed.”

While Yoga Energy Studio is proud to call St Pete home, our primary focus is on training the best teachers to enrich communities EVERYWHERE!

This sometimes takes us away from the studio for periods of time, requiring a certain flexibility in our schedule. As our communities grow and evolve, so too does our training schedule.

Be constantly amazed in the journey of personal growth and community empowerment when you SAY YES TO Y.E.S.!

Call us at (727) 504-5753 for any questions and to schedule your time with us.

Na’maste kala! Which in Greek means: May we all be well! -Tim & Vie

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