Vie Binga – Bio

Vie Binga ~ Bio Highlights

Master of Science; Ph.D Qualified Examination in Math; Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner from two of United States’s most prestigious colleges; Integrative Yoga Therapist; Yin Yoga Instructor Trainer; SUP & Yoga Instructor Trainer; Myofascial Release Therapist; Master Fitness Trainer; Adventure Coach; Assemblage Point Shifter & Trainer, Electronic Gem Therapy Practitioner; and Author of several books.

Vie’s interest into Natural Health was ignited at a very early age by her two grandfathers. One grandfather teaching her the science of the Greek Art of Hippocrates at his pharmacy and the other, a world renowned philosopher, scholar, author of the first modern Greek language dictionary and ideological leader of Greece guiding her through the connection between body, mind and soul.


Vie has graduated from both of the top two colleges of Ayurveda, Dr. Lad’s Ayurvedic Institute and Mount Madonna Institute – School Of Ayurveda. She has also studied with the top Ayurvedic Teachers in US and overseas. Vie is the creator of Paleo Āyurveda™.


Vie began her practice of yoga in 1981, has over 5,000 hrs of yoga training and started teaching instructors nationally and internationally in 2006. Vie is co-creator of Hot Yin™, Power Yin™ and Spartan Yoga™.


Vie began her studies of fitness in 1991 and started training, privately and small group, in 2006. She specializes in body-weight training.


Vie’s outdoor adventures started in 1977 paddling through the Mediterranean Sea. She is now a Certified KaYoga™ instructor trainer, SUP & Yoga instructor trainer, SUP & Fitness instructor trainer, SUP Guide trainer, and co-creator of Spartan Mind Strength™.

Vie’s unique background in math and physics along with her passion of the outdoors will continue to bring more science based healthy practices in a fun and exciting way.

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