Tim Ganley – Bio

Tim Ganley ~ Bio Highlights

Bachelor of Science; Master Yoga Instructor Trainer; SUP & Yoga Instructor Trainer; Master Fitness Trainer; Mobility Technician Expert; Nutrition Specialist; Adventure Coach; Conscious Business Consultant; and Author of several books.

Tim is the founder of Yoga Energy Studio and co-creator of Spartan Mind Strength™.


Tim began his practice of yoga in 1980 and has over 5,000 hours of yoga training. He started teaching instructors nationally and internationally in 1999. Tim has also been consulting yoga and fitness studios worldwide since 2002. Tim is co-creator of Hot Yin™, Power Yin™ and Spartan Yoga™.


Tim began his studies of fitness in 1980 and has been training full-time, private and small group, since 1999. His style of training incorporates strength, endurance, power and mobility.


Tim has spent his entire life on different types of water crafts and waterways. His first venture was on Lake Huron, at age 7, canoeing, skimboarding and surfing his first board, a used 7ft 2” Con Butterfly. Tim is the creator of KaYoga™ and consultant for numerous KaYoga™, SUP & Yoga, SUP & Fitness, and SUP Guide programs and businesses.

Tim continues to write and teach inspired by the ancient wisdom, his love for the outdoors and his ongoing quest for physical and mental strength and endurance.

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