SUP & YOGA Training Testimonials

What some of our students have said about our “SUP & Yoga Instructor Training”

I attended Tim & Vie’s SUP Training yesterdayit was a very professional training so informative on many issues that one would never think of . They obviously have a lot of experience behind them . If you are thinking of teaching YOGA ON A-PADDLE BOARD. Please do your students a favor and take this course. It could save lives . You must be aware of what could and does really happen out on the water. safety first. (T.O.H)

Spending an afternoon with 2 inspiring and enlightening yogis playing and learning and SUP’ing. Yoga is such an incredible way of letting go of our barriers and allowing us to look into what we might have otherwise thoughts was not possible. As we go down that path we discover that the people we met share are same fears, same ambitions and same ability to inspire others. Yoga has brought me to where I am this week and I want to share how inspired I am by @ask_tim_and_vie The passion, the fun, the support that they provide on a mat, in a classroom and on a SUP board is…….hmmmmm….. Freaking awesome!! @ask_tim_and_vie will you guys share #whyAigo as you are certainly one of the reasons I do! ?????? (J.F for SUP & Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in Private)

Wasssuuuuuup!! All #yogateachers and #yogis should go do this! Awesome class. Gotta do the more comprehensive one next!!!!!! (K.G. for SUP & Yoga TT XPRESS)

Vie Binga What a great day! You and Tim are such a wealth of knowledge! I look forward to more teacher trainings & adventures with you!!! (A.P.A. for SUP & Yoga TT XPRESS)

YAY! Thank you @ask_tim_and_vie for a great training today! I’ll definitely be back for the advanced class! (C.B. for SUP & Yoga TT XPRESS)

Had a blast learning n experiencing w you both. A huge THANKS! (M.V. & K.V. for Private SUP Guide Training)

Boy, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I am definitely going to take the extended course to complete this training, now that I have “dipped my toe in the water”. (P.C.D. for SUP & Yoga TT XPRESS)

This was an amazing experience and hands down, best bday thus far!! (S.E for SUP & Yoga TT XPRESS)

Thanks for the great workshop! I am inspired to do Private SUP & Yoga classes now:) (K.J. for the SUP & Yoga TT XPRESS)

Such a fun day! Thank you so much! Learned a ton. (L.H. for SUP & Yoga TT XPRESS)

Had to share! Thank you Tim and Vie for the incredible foundation and inspiration to start this journey. Y’all are amazing! (C.Mc.M.)

Dear Sylvie and Tim, Thank you for a wonderful SUP & YOGA experience at Yoga Energy Studio! I am so grateful to know there are people like both of you who embrace “classic” yoga style and embrace the art and science behind YOGA & SUP too! (S.C.)

A success story from one of our SUP & Yoga Therapy Graduates.

Super great 4 days off sun, water, sand, SUP and YOGA. Thanks Vie and Tim. (L.W.)

I really enjoyed the SUP course and greatly appreciated the generosity with which you shared your knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and time. (A.F.B.)

Thanks Vie and Tim… you are both AMAZING, I feel so grateful for being part of such an incredible training! (D.A.R.)

The most KICK ASS group of yogis I’ve ever met! Love to you all, you awesome badasses! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo (E.C.S.)

Incredible weekend . I will never forget . Much gratitude (C.H.K.)

Definitely went beyond the 4% comfort zone. SUP therapy!!! Hugs to all! (A.A.W.)

Ditto to all of the above! Huge thanks to vie & Tim! (M.S.)

I’m so glad I got to realize this dream all of you!! Vie Binga and Tim Ganley, you both have such amazing gifts. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! (K.K.)

Enjoyed myself immensely. Great training and fantastic new connection s. Cant wait to share Sup. just wAiting for the sun to warm the water. (K.R.)

I am very glad I participated in the SUP Instructor 1 Class. Safety is so important when you are out on a vessel of any type on the water. I can’t wait for their next training practice. Thanks, V & Tim for all you are doing. (K.S.J.)

Thank you soooo much Sylvie and Tim for so generously sharing your expertise during the SUP Guide Instructor Certification. You both are true professionals with big hearts. I look forward to the next time we meet! (during the SUP Guide Training) (J.C.W.)

Dear Tim and Vie, I wanted to write you both coming from a place of gratitude. On my world wide web search for a Standup Paddle Board Yoga teacher program I found your studio, Yoga Energy. As a Yoga teacher in Cincinnati,OH who loves water I was beyond excited to be taking your program, Standup Paddle board Yoga and Yoga Therapy. You had more teaching experience then any other studio and your training was on the ocean. Your professionalism has been on spot since my original emails with simple questions about the training, to follow up emails for guidance within the SUP Yoga world. Your knowledge of SUP Yoga and Yoga Therapy is incredible and vast. The way you share it is clear and if there is question you always have a well educated answer or explanation. You provided us with numerous different equipment options to use through out the course. Now that I have finished your program, I feel completely prepared to guide a Standup Paddle Board Yoga class/experience. I would be happy and confident in recommending this teacher training to anyone, even for your own personal practice. Congratulations to both of you for creating such an Incredible Program and with GRATITUDE, thank you for taking the time and energy to share it. (C.K.)

Much love and light, I learned so much, and the company was great! Let the season begin!! (a few months later, during the SUP & Yoga Therapy Training) (J.C.W.)

We did it! My class and I have graduated from SupnYoga Energy Peeps 200 hour Instructor training! It was such a beautiful experience and I am grateful for every moment of it! We all shared so much of ourselves and can now share Yoga with the world with the support of our communities! Thank you! Namaste. (S.O.)

In a hyphenated word: life-changing. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in this training. Tim and Sylvie make an incredible team, balancing each other so well. I would have been perfectly happy with a week of SUP and Yoga but it turned out to be so much more than that. The incorporation of Ayurvedic theory made its truly special. Overall, this training has instilled in me a yearning to do great things with my new knowledge and skills. (E.J.B.)

The training lived up to every expectation. It was worth more than I could ever put into words or dollars. I am forever grateful for the education and the experience. Their awesome energy pulled all of us together, and they have given all of us the tools to be successful. I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend this training. If youโ€™re not into yoga but interested in paddling, I strongly urge you to take the SUP Guide training. And visit these folks for a private paddle or lesson in St. Pete. Please. Youโ€™ll be better for it. (E.C.S.)

Thank you guys so much for this opportunity it’s been a truly amazing experience. I cannot thank you enough for getting me out on the beautiful water and teaching me all these valuable lessons we have learned the last few days. You guys are AWESOME, hope to cross paths again!!! (M.Z.)

Vie and her partner Tim taught an amazing training called Stand Up Paddle Yoga !! they are a great team very informative, the info was well delivered . If you are inspired to teach Paddle Board Yoga PLEASE TAKE THIS TRAINING. It is not as easy as one might think you really need to have the understanding of the safety behind you. This could save lives!!!!! (T.O.H)

Thank you Tim and Sylvie for caring to keep people safe on the water and spreading the love of the sport – day packed full of info! SUP-on! (L.D.)

Thank you for an awesome teacher training experience! I am so happy to be part of your yoga family and excited to be one of the first to be certified to teach sup yoga!! Looking forward to the journey… (C.T.)

My SUP Yoga Teaching Training in St. Pete with Yoga Energy Peeps was AWESOME! Thank you Tim and Sylvie for your wisdom and instruction and for sharing SUP Yoga. I love it and can’t wait to share it with Cape Coral. (K.B.)

A tremendous thank you goes out to Tim and Sylvie of Yoga Energy Studio for the experience. I highly recommend this to anyone considering SUP Yoga teacher training certification. (M.P.)

Sooo excited to officially be a yoga alliance certified SUP YOGA Instructor!! Thanks to Tim and Sylvie at YOGA ENERGY STUDIO I will be changing lives across the country with Yoga & SUP ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Endless gratitude for all that you have taught me. Because of you two I feel confident that I am truly following my dharma! (L.B.)

Just want to express my gratitude for Tim and Sylvie and the great new friends I’ve met over the past four days at the SUP YOGA teacher training…one of the coolest things I’ve ever done! I can’t wait to start sharing what I’ve learned with others! It was even more fun than I anticipated! (T.D.)

Thank you Tim and Sylvie for sharing your love of the water with me! I learned so much from the SUP Yoga teacher training and I am truly grateful to have you both as my instructors! (A.C.)

it truly was an amazing experience…. i had such a blast….. wonderful meeting you too…. i miss you guys already (P.D.)

I wanted to say thank you both, Sylvie and Tim, for an amazing experience! (B.R.)

I am so blessed to have you and Yoga Energy Studio as teachers in SUP yoga and yoga teacher training! What an amazing gift and experience you could share! Thank you โ™ฅ pure paddle bliss…Highly recommended, hands down ๐Ÿ™‚ infinite thanks. (D.M.T.)

Looking at these pictures brings back good memories…. good luck to all new teachers! You picked the BEST to learn from! (J.S.)

Hi Silvie and Tim, since I am back from the teacher training things are going just fantastic for me and thePaddlesUp. You both have been the ones that taught us not only how to teach but very important, got us awesome advice on the business part. I just want to let you know that I am very thankful for what you have created and you keep inspiring me every day.
If our season in Michigan would be longer than 3 months there would be no question in my mind to do this full time. But until I figure out what to do with the remaining 9 month, I am just taking this business to balance the demand of my regular job. If you have new things coming up I want to be on your first training sessions!!! All the best for both you, (J.S. 3 months after her training)

Thanks for another awesome teacher training! I’m so inspired… (C.T.)

Thanks for the amazing weekend of SUP & Yoga Therapy training! I learned much more than just how to teach yoga on the board. Sylvie and Tim, your positive energies and generous spirits inspire me. โ™ฅโ™ฅ (R.K.)

Thanks for the beautiful day. Sunshine, tranquility and renewed sense of purpose. I couldn’t be more thankful! (T.B.N.)

You don’t know how bad I would love to be there! ENJOY! Thanks again Tim and Silvie for the most amazing 4days in SUP Yoga training! I miss you guys. (T.B.N. 3 weeks later)

SUP yoga training rocked. Everyone should be a part of this amazing experience. Thanks to all the class mates, Tim, Sylvie, Candice and Jayne. Great to meet all of you. See you on the water! (J.V.D.)

Thank you Tim and Sylvie for another awesome sup yoga teacher training experience! I had a blast and loved this group of amazing teachers : ) (C.T.)

By 7:45 this morning my workday had fallen completely apart and fire drills were popping up everywhere; I checked my emails last night to be as prepared as possible but my anxiety levels were sky high and my day was deteriorating regardless. So I stopped for a minute and stood in my kitchen, going through a few rounds of the standing heating breath. And the world shifted and my perspective came back. I will share this with everyone I know to pay it forward (so more info to come), but in the meantime – Vie, I’m fairly certain by teaching me this tool you’ve saved my life. You’ve shown me a different path. You’re my Morpheus! I’ll realize it down the line, and probably more than once. Just telling you now because I’m a Project Manager and I like to cross items off my list. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, Everyone! And be sure to send thanks to someone who has saved your life and opened a new door for you. XOXOXO (E. C.-S.)

To those who are pondering the Guide SUP Training Class – please do not hesitate and sign up for the upcoming sessions. I took the course today and had a great time while learning valuable skills & techniques. Tim and Sylvie are highly informative instructors that blend professionalism with class perfectly (all while making it very fun with no pretense). Thanks again for a very groovy day on the water. Kudos and best wishes to those who are continuing the sup/yoga course through the weekend! (L.B.)

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