Through our trainings nationally and internationally we have been very blessed with meeting tons of amazing people. Many of them want to further their studies but due to location and time limitations are unable to do it to the extent they wish to. So we have been asked numerous times to provide a written version of some of our trainings. This is the reason we created these workbooks and have more coming.

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Online Continuing Education

Explore, embrace, learn, achieve whether at the comfort of your own home or while traveling the world. Design your own custom training by choosing any or all of the following: Ayurveda, Breath-work, Vedic Philosophy, Power Yin™, Spartan Yoga™, Conscious Business, Stand Up Paddle & Yoga.

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Paddle Boards & Gear

Having been training SUP & Yoga instructors and SUP & Fitness instructors since 2006 we had the privilege to test and own some of the finest paddle boards around. So, we were able to identify the good, the bad and the ugly of each one of them based on the needs of our students.

This amazing journey resulted in us designing our own yoga boards and fitness boards.

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These are companies whose products we use and endorse on a daily basis.

You can find them in our home and almost always on the road with us at any given time.

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