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“Power Yin – Stillness Speaks”

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The Creators Of “Power Yin Yoga™”

The Credits can be applied towards any of our 200 / 300-hr Certifications.

Did you know that most athletes retire due to joint issues not muscle issues?

Did you know that hip pain and low back pain may lead to the most common fitness-related injuries?

This course can change that!

In this Power Yin™ course you will learn how to better serve you and your Clients by significantly

  • Increasing performance.
  • Reducing recovery time.
  • Assisting with injury prevention.
  • Overcoming plateau’s.

Just as it is necessary to methodically stress the muscles to keep them strong, it is also equally important to methodically stress the joints to keep them healthy.

The inner is foundation of the outer;
The still is master of the restless. – Lao Tzu


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