Private Online 300-hr Ayurveda and Yoga Teacher Training – Yoga Alliance RYT 300

In the comfort of your own home

Presented by Yoga Energy School – Home of Paleo Ayurveda™, Spartan Yoga™ & Spartan Mind Strength™

Private Training Starts Daily, Ends December 29, 2020 – Tuition $1,803.00 – Private Online


No prior yoga or ayurveda experience required or needed.

Why Take this Training

Our Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training is an uplifting, mind-expanding process for innovators and thought provoking guides in the wellness space.

This training will leave you with groundbreaking tools and the motivation and inspiration you need to make meaningful differences in the communities in which you live and teach.

Delivery Method

The training will be conducted via online and live online sessions.

The online training platform (Learning Management System) consists of organized videos, audio, text and quizzes to help you monitor your personal progress. You will receive new material as you complete each stage.

Your access to this platform is unlimited and it does not expire. You can access this material even years after graduation.

You will have unlimited email access for any questions pertaining to the course material during the time of your training.

You will have access to 30 half hour private sessions with us (one on one and live online) via Skype or Facebook video messenger.. Think of approximately 10 half hour sessions per 100 training program hours.


A $500.00 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required for the registration process to begin.

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Tuition is $1,803.00.

Tuition includes:

Lifetime membership to all online training courses pertaining to this 300-hr program and printed material.

30 half hour private sessions with us (one on one and live online) via Skype or Facebook video messenger..

Three months of mentorship on yoga, Ayurveda and business after the training has been completed. This consists of three half hour consultations a month and unlimited email during these three months.

And of course, after all this is completed you will be part of the Yoga Energy family and be able to ask questions and bounce off ideas, for years to come.

Ask us about payment plans.


The training will start as soon as your registration has been submitted.


First section

The Concept of Daily Routine and Daily Rituals
Breathwork Techniques
Structured and Non-Structured Meditation Techniques
The Importance of Flows as Non-structured Meditation

Second section

Body Language and Communication
The inner workings of private sessions
The inner workings of group sessions
The business of yoga and ayurveda as a teacher
The business of yoga and ayurveda as a studio owner
The business of yoga and ayurveda as a community builder
Business and Marketing for Yoga and Ayurveda
How to design and lead a workshop
Vastu Shastra (Part 1)

Third section

Tantra Yoga (Yoga Of Living & Dying)
The Kundalini Energy and our Life Force
The Chakras as the Subtle Organs of our Mind
Crystals, Mudras and Mantras for Tantra

Fourth section

Introduction to the Art and Science of Ayurveda
The History of Ayurveda through the Ages
The Ayurvedic Definition of Health and the Path to Health
The Theory of the 20 Attributes and the Law of Similars
The Principles of the three Doshas in terms of the 20 Attributes
The Observational Framework of Ayurveda
Ayurvedic Tactics and Techniques

Fifth section

Power Yin™ (Part 1)

Sixth section

Power Yin™ (Part 2)

Seventh section

The Sankhya Philosophy as the foundation of Ayurveda
The Five Elements and Their Attributes
The Five Elements and the Senses
The Five Elements and the Tanmatras

Eighth section

The Seven Dhatus as the Ayurvedic Building Blocks of the human physiology
Dhatu nutrition
Dhatu structure
Dhatu byproducts
Dhatu disorders and their modern equivalent

Ninth section

The Six Tastes (their potent energy, digestive effect and unique functions)
The Agni (varieties and functions)
The Stages of Digestion
The Three Laws of Nutrition
The Cellular Metabolism
The Ayurvedic Concept of Imbalance (stages, pathways, levels, signs and symptoms)

Tenth section

The Five Kosha model for health and its applications
One on One Restorative Yoga Practice
The Joint Releasing Series
Advanced Pose Analysis for One on One
Poses as Dosha Balancers

Eleventh section

The Ayurvedic Classifications of Imbalance and their Modern Equivalent
Client Assessment (constitutional, digestive, metabolic, mental)
Introduction to Hermetic Astrology
Vastu Shastra (Part 2)

Twelfth section

Ayurveda and The State of Flow
The Ananda Factors
Introduction to Marma Point Techniques
Introduction to the Upanishads

Upon Completion

This training is Yoga Alliance registered and AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America) approved.

If you are a Yoga Alliance 200-RYT, you will be eligible to register as a 500-RYT.

You will also be eligible to receive professional liability insurance as an Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher and Educator.

This training may also be eligible as CEUs for other health and wellness accreditations.

The journey is yet in front of you!!

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Below are some testimonials that speak for themselves

Hurrah! !! We made it! Vie and Tim you are both heartfelt and heartfilled teachers. Many have knowledge…but far less have the gift of teaching knowledge. You both are gifted and giving. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to study under your teachings of yoga and Ayurveda. Thank you! L.W.

This two know their stuff, nothing stumps them!! Vie and Tim are the most amazing, synchronized team available to train yoga teachers- maybe even in the whole world. They give every bit of knowledge to their students, and are genuinely interested in their students’ success. A hundred percent I would come here to train with them for anything yoga. You are truly in great hands. C.B.

I’ve taken many many trainings, throughout the years and all over and this was by far the best training I have ever taken. T.R.

YES teacher training has been inspiring. Compared to other teacher training that I have experienced, it comes out on top. Tim’s expertise in yoga and fitness and Vie’s expertise in yoga and Ayurveda combine to provide a unique opportunity to learn, share and grow, no matter your level. Yoga Energy School is leading the way.. A one of a kind school! J.L.M.

Wow, so that is a game changer, I work with sick people every day and this makes so much sense. The more I learn from you about ayurveda the more I believe that every health care professional should study it! A.B.U.

I don’t know what I love more, the evidence based teachings or the fact that you guys read Asian Scientist Journal! 😘 K.D.J.

The journey is yet in front of you!!

Submit your deposit for the registration process to begin.

If within US, please click the orange payment button

If outside US, please click the PayPal button

Ask us about payment plans! Train With Us! – Tim and Vie

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