Kingdom Of Bahrain – Heart To Mind Yoga Workshop & Retreat

Heart To Mind Yoga™

Workshop & Retreat

Friday April 14 – Saturday April 15, 2017

Manama, Kingdom Of Bahrain

The Credits can be applied towards any of our 200 / 300-hr Certifications.

The human condition never changes. The human need, the human longing, deep down, remains the same. Our deepest, insatiable human desire is for the eternal, unconditional experience of bliss.

Thousands of years of practice in the pursuit of self-realization have showed that the only way is, through the seamless integration of our heart with our mind.

The world of the senses is the base camp that will help us practice the seamless integration, in order to prepare for the world of eternal bliss.

During this 2-day workshop and retreat we will practice techniques that will stimulate your senses, nourish your heart and invigorate your soul.

No prior yoga or meditation experience is needed.. Just an open mind and an attitude of gratitude.


  • TBD if registered before March 1, 2017, TBD otherwise
  • TBD USD for non-military if registered before March 1, 2017, TBD otherwise.


TBD USD deposit to register.

Use the PayPal button to submit the deposit of TBD. PayPal will automatically convert to the USD currency. You do not need to have a USD account. We will contact you shortly after for all the logistics.

When there is conflict between the heart and the brain, let the heart be followed. –Swami Vivekananda

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