Heart To Mind Cleanse

7-Day “Heart To Mind” Cleanse

Perform One Of Our Seasonal “Heart To Mind” Cleanses

On Your Own Time Frame

What makes this Cleanse different from others

  • It can be customized to fit all needs, vegan, vegetarian or paleo.
  • This Cleanse is a 7-day process that consists of specific foods (you will not be hungry 🙂 ), teas, spices, yoga routines, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques and daily regimens.
  • Most cleanses require you to stay at home for 1-2 days. With this Cleanse you are still able to attend work, school, play or any other activities.
  • Unlike other cleanses that starve you and deplete your muscle mass, this Cleanse not only will not decrease it, in fact for most of you, it may even help increase it.
  • You will not be on your own! We will walk you through each day via private facebook msgs or Skype.
  • You will end up learning delicious recipes and tips that you will incorporate into your daily life.

Is this the right Cleanse for you?

  • Are you too tired to enjoy your favorite activities?
  • Are you having cravings you are fighting to control?
  • Are you feeling bloated?
  • Are you eating less and still gaining weight?
  • Are you waking up feeling you could use more sleep?
  • Are you dependent on caffeine and other energy boosters?
  • Do you simply want to look good naked?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then this Cleanse is for you. 🙂

How to Start this Cleanse

Registration requires payment of $45.00. Email training@asktimandvie.com for payment instructions and access to the cleanse.

Participants of our previous Cleanses have said

“Anybody looking for an effective, easy cleanse that doesn’t require starving yourself or camping out on the toilet… This is for you!! I have done several of these and always feel refreshed, rejuvenated and super happy after 7 days of healthy eating, drinking, meditation and yoga!” (L.B.)

“Feeling great. Am enjoying the recipes more this cleanse than in previous ones. Even have my husband and son eating it along with their dinners.” (S.C.)

“I’ve never been this uninterested in sugar in my life. A friend offered me a cookie and I backed away with my hands up like I was being attacked. Has me researching Real Food cookbooks!” (E.F.)

“Lost weight and super energized going into work! It’s going to be a great day!” (H.F.)

“I am a major sugar junkie. I was in Fresh Market tonight and nothing even tempted me. How wonderful!” (S.M.)

“Day 8…my body has changed , my mind is clearer and calmer, my nails are whiter and stronger,my complexion a little better, my skin is soft, my tongue is pink and clear, I’m sleeping great and loving my new morning routine.” (T.D.)

“The recipes have been very tasty and satisfying. I have not been left hungry or tired at all! I lost three pounds and noticed that I am not retaining fluids! Feel more toned and tight everywhere. Feeling terrific.” (S.C.)

“7 days and 6 pounds lighter, I’m a very happy woman! I have so much energy, effortless bowel movements, my skin looks great, and I feel more toned than before. I will highly recommend this cleanse to everyone. Thank you again & Namaste!” (J.V.)

Train With Us!

By registering for this Cleanse, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.
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