Do You Have a Good or Bad Relationship with Knowledge?

Hove you or any one you know spent a great amount of time (and money) taking class after class, reading book after book, watching video after video and never actually did anything with all that knowledge?

We certainly do know of quite a few people who invested years of their life accumulating information for a business endeavor that they were too afraid to even embark on.

We also know of quite a few people who failed at achieving a very important goal only because they refused to expand their knowledge base outside their main interest.

A great Stoic once said:

While we wait for life, life passes. – Seneca

Knowledge is a valuable resource only if applied to make life happen. We can continue to accumulate knowledge but if we do not do something with it, it is a waste.

The Vedic system considers knowledge a type of resource (artha) that is supposed to support our thriving life (dharma).

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