Through our trainings nationally and internationally we have been very blessed with meeting tons of amazing people. Many of them want to further their studies but due to location and time limitations are unable to do it to the extent they wish to. So we have been asked numerous times to provide a written version of some of our trainings. This is the reason we created these workbooks and have more coming.

If you click on each book’s cover or title you will go to the Amazon page for your choice of paperback or kindle. Happy reading! -Tim & Vie

Mushika’s Memorable Moments

This book was inspired by our love of play!

Create a memorable moment with your child (or inner child) as you discover how Ganesha’s passion for rock climbing led him on one of his greatest adventures with his close friend, Mushika.


A Love Affair for Your Senses

Give yourself permission to start enjoying your sensible vices. Chocolate does not have to be a guilty indulgence.

The right type of chocolate is indeed a food group and something that we should be eating daily.


“Stand Up Paddle & Yoga” Sutras
Reinventing The Art Of Yoga

This book will help you train your body, cleanse your mind and honor your senses all at the same time!

You know that you deserve more than a treadmill.

Yoga & Progressive Relaxation Response

Before Transcendence – Savasana & Beyond

Give yourself permission to stop doing, to stop multitasking and allow yourself to daydream.

This book will help you find out how you can accomplish a lot more in a lot less time, simply by doing nothing.

Walk on Water

A Guide to Flat Water

Stand Up Paddling

Change your point of view and discover a whole new world out there through stand up paddle boarding.

This book will walk you step by step.

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