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“Ayurveda ~ The Science of Your Own Life”


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Ayurveda in Sanskrit means “the science of life”, however we like to take this a step further and call it “the science of your own life”.

Most people are familiar with the term doshas through online tests. Doshas are often used as labels for classifications of body types. But what is truly a dosha?

To start with, a dosha is a bio-energy that runs through our physical body, governs our bodily functions and helps us interact with our environment. Furthermore, the doshas also exist in our astral (emotional) body and in our causal (mental) body.

Very often, ayurvedic questionnaires look at the doshas of the present physical constitution of the person often missing the emotional and mental doshas which are equally important. Going even deeper, there are the doshas we were born with (our “innate constitution”) and the current doshas (our “present constitution”). While our “present constitution” stays close to our “innate constitution” we are in a relative state of balance. When it starts deviating, then imbalance happens and disease may occur.

As you are starting to see, the doshas are more than just a simple label.

In this course you will bypass today’s fluff of Ayurveda and instead, develop a solid foundation that will help you and your clients for the years to come.

What you are going to learn:

  • Yoga is not an only child
  • The concepts and misconceptions of the doshas
  • Why you want to say “yes” to stress
  • When not to listen to your body
  • Your personal six constitutions
  • The eight tastes and why chocolate is a food group

We look at Ayurveda just like the science of gravity. You don’t have to understand gravity to experience its effects but if you do understand it, you can learn to fly.

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