Jupiter, Venus and Mother Mary

Assumption of Mother Mary

Hello Every One!

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last conversation, whether in the form of email or podcast.

Both Tim and I had to actually take time off to recover from strep and covid together. Yes, strep and covid at the same time. It sucked.

However, Freyja took great care of us and life is now back to normal, well almost. 🙂

But I was not going to miss the opportunity to write about one of my most favorite memories from growing up in Greece. The August 15 national holiday, that is.

Just before the arrival of another overwhelming school year, I would get to spend a few days away from the hot scorching city, on a gorgeous island, Obviously, my parents and I were not the only ones fleeing the city at that time. 🙂 The whole country of Greece pretty much shuts down during the whole month of August.

Tim is asking in the background: And how is this different than most of the rest of the year? 🙂

August 15 is considered the second biggest Greek Orthodox holiday (next to Easter).

Every year on August 15, the Greek Orthodox church (and most of Christianity around the world) honor Mother Mary by commemorating the end of her earthly life and celebrating her Assumption into Heaven.

In the Greek Orthodox tradition, August 15 is also Mother Mary’s name’s day and the best day to communicate with her and receive her guidance.

Having said that, it is worth mentioning that this year’s cosmic energies during August 15 are even more auspicious than typical.

On August 15, the Moon reaches Jupiter in Aries who is in harmony with Venus in Leo. Anytime the Moon reaches a planet, she triggers those particular energies corresponding to the celestial body and its position.

Jupiter in Aries is all about creativity and expansion, in action. You don’t just dream or talk about something, you are actually doing it.

Venus in Leo is all about enthusiasm and synchronicity. If you are not doing something with enthusiasm, it is probably not worth doing it.

So during the next couple of days keep an open mind and be willing to embark on a great adventure. You never know when the next divine intervention will take place or what it’s going to look like.

Until next time… Much much love from all of us!
Na’maste Kala! (Which in Greek means, may we all be well!)

-Tim and Vie | Ayurveda Outlaws
-Freyja | The Ayurvedic Puppy

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