Meditation Bootcamp

meditation bootcamp

How many times have you or some one you know been told to meditate? Meditation is said to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve focus and concentration, blah, blah, blah. Yes, we have all heard about the said benefits of meditation over and over.

But if those benefits were in fact true, and given that meditation is such an old practice, then why is it that still to this day, most people are not practicing it even though they desperately need it?

We know so many people who have either attempted meditation and quit or are indeed still trying to meditate without receiving any benefits from it.

What most people tell us is that they are not good at it, they are not good at sitting down and trying to quiet their mind. They say that the moment they try to do that their mind goes all over the place.

And that makes perfect sense. This is exactly how our mind is supposed to work. However, this is not how a good meditation technique is supposed to go.

A good meditation technique should never ask you to quiet your mind, let alone empty your mind. This is actually backwards from what you should be trying to do during a meditation practice. Could it be that the popular meditation techniques are failing us?

Meditation should be something that comes to us as natural as talking to a friend and is as pleasant as a fond memory from the past.

According to the ancient Greeks, meditation is a disciplined action or behavior, or an exercise in thought that you do for a particular reason, and for a higher purpose (the well-being of your community). If you don’t fully understand exactly what you are doing, or the reason you are doing it, or it does not add value to your community, then it is pointless.

So get off your butt, quit trying to empty your mind, find something worth doing, discipline yourself in it, reflect upon it, share what you learned with others, and you will experience the benefits of true meditation.

Meditation Bootcamps starting soon at the Yoga Energy Studio, 1010 Central Ave in St Pete, FL! Can’t wait to see you all!

Na’maste kala! May we all be well, adapt and thrive!

– Tim and Vie

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