Gotta Love Mercury

tim and vie rejoice in mercury retrograde

Yes, you are guessing correctly. We are heading towards another Mercury Retrograde period, starting on June 18 and ending on July 12. 😊😊 But before we start talking about this dreaded and highly misunderstood phase of Mercury, we ought to say a few words about the planet’s personality that make him so unbelievably adorable.

Think of Mercury (aka Hermes of Ancient Greece) as the delightful and frightful trickster god, the winged messenger of the gods. When Mercury is happy, he helps us in two very distinct ways:

First — He helps us quit talking, and pause; in other words create space for each other so we can listen to what the other party has to say.

Second — He helps us pause and reflect; in other words, create space in our mind and emotions so we can listen to the divine inspiration.

However, when Mercury wants to play games, he delivers “false data” in all sorts of ways, some of them obvious and some of them not so obvious.

When Mercury is in “retrograde” motion, he is moving slower than typical. He is not moving in reverse. It just seems that way. 😊😊

When any planet goes “retrograde”, it appears to be moving backwards (relative to the Earth’s movement) but in reality, it does not, it just “slows down”. It appears to be moving backwards as the Earth is passing the slower moving planet. Just like when we are driving on the road, and pull along side, and pass a slower moving car — for a moment, it appears as if that car is moving backwards.

A slower moving Mercury therefore, reminds us to really listen more and talk less. We have the tendency to verbalize everything we feel or think before it has even been fully discerned or even articulated in our conscious mind. This is one of the main reasons why Mercury retrograde gets a bad rep in commodity astrology.

Commodity astrology often advocates that when Mercury is in retrograde motion, he tends to cause a lot of misunderstandings and arguments. Could it be that Mercury being in retrograde motion simply sheds light on a major weakness of ours?

Mercury in retrograde also advises us to actually do slow down, in order to accomplish more. By slowing down and taking time to reflect on our past we can gather valuable insight on which tendencies of ours might be holding us back.

However, keep in mind that no amount of divine inspiration is going to matter unless we actually do something about it, in other words take ownership of our bad habits and eliminate them.

Rumor has it that Mercury Retrograde tends to also bring communication mishaps, technology issues, travel delays, and lost items. Furthermore, the main Mercury Retrograde phase is just one part of the retrograde cycle.

The whole cycle includes two direct phases known as shadow periods, one before and one after the retrograde period itself. The first shadow phase is from June 2 to June 18 and the second shadow phase is from July 12 to July 26.

Typically the first shadow phase is a prelude of some of the technical, communication, and travel issues that may arise during the retrograde phase.

Tim and I typically rejoice in the Mercury Retrograde period. (However, last time, in February, it did mess quite a bit with our brand new ipad.)

This particular time around, Mercury is supposed to be extremely friendly to us. He is highly influenced by some wise stars promoting discernment and discrimination in all aspects of our life.

Great time to take advantage of these celestial energies and work towards discovering what we like to call our “adult self”. Thank you for sticking with us and reading all the way. – Vie and Tim

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  1. Mercury in retrograde also advises us to actually do slow down, in order to accomplish more. By slowing down and taking time to reflect on our past we can gather valuable insight on which tendencies of ours might be holding us back.

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