Private Online 200-hr Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training – Yoga Alliance RYT 200

200-hr Online Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training Yoga Alliance

In the comfort of your own home

Presented by Yoga Energy School – Home of Paleo Ayurveda™, Spartan Yoga™ & Spartan Mind Strength™

Private Training Starts Daily, Ends December 29, 2020 – Tuition $1,203.00 – Private Online


No prior yoga or ayurveda experience required or needed.

Why Take this Training

Our Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training is an uplifting, mind-expanding process for innovators and thought provoking guides in the wellness space.

This training will leave you with groundbreaking tools and the motivation and inspiration you need to make meaningful differences in the communities in which you live and teach.

Delivery Method

The training will be conducted via online and live online sessions.

The online training platform (Learning Management System) consists of organized videos, audio, text and quizzes to help you monitor your personal progress. You will receive new material as you complete each stage.

Your access to this platform is unlimited and it does not expire. You can access this material even years after graduation.

You will have unlimited email access for any questions pertaining to the course material during the time of your training.

You will have access to 20 half hour private sessions with us (one on one and live online) via Skype or Facebook video messenger.. Think of approximately 10 half hour sessions per 100 training program hours.


A $400.00 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required for the registration process to begin.

Submit your deposit below.

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Tuition is $1,203.00.

Tuition includes:

Lifetime membership to all online training courses pertaining to this 200-hr program and printed material.

20 half hour private sessions with us (one on one and live online) via Skype or Facebook video messenger..

Three months of mentorship on yoga, Ayurveda and business after the training has been completed. This consists of two half hour consultations a month and unlimited email during these three months.

And of course, after all this is completed you will be part of the Yoga Energy family and be able to ask questions and bounce off ideas, for years to come.

Ask us about payment plans.


The training will start as soon as your registration has been submitted.


First section

Introduction to the Art and Science of Ayurveda
The Definition of Health according to Ayurveda
The Path to Health according to Ayurveda
The 5 Elements in the Universe and in Nature
The 20 Qualities and their manifestation in Nature
The main characteristics of the 3 Doshas
The 3 Doshas in Nature
The 3 Doshas and Time
Our Innate Constitutions versus our Present Constitutions
The concepts of the Dynamic Balance and Risk Equilibrium

Second section

The Yamas & Ayurveda – A forgotten limb – How to treat nature, our environment and others when living in a community
The Niyamas & Ayurveda – Another forgotten limb – How to view this life and treat ourselves when living in a community

The Four Goals of Life

Third section

History of contemporary yoga
Sri T. Krishnamacharya and his 4 main students / lineages
Hatha Yoga as taught in the past
Hatha Yoga as taught today
What it takes to teach a successful group class

An Ayurvedic look at the Muscle Tissue
An Ayurvedic look at the Bone Tissue
An Ayurvedic look at the Joint Tissue
An Ayurvedic look at the Fascia Tissue

An Ayurvedic look at the Range of Motion
Tension in terms of the three Doshas
Compression in terms of the three Doshas
Proportion in terms of the three Doshas
An Ayurvedic look at Mobility vs Flexibility
An Ayurvedic look at Extending vs Stretching

Fourth section

How to create a tri-doshic class that successfully trains the four major tissues

The Warm-Up Module (Module I)
The Chair Module (Module II)
Sun Salutations (Module III)
The Warriors (Module IV)
The Goddess (Module V)
Standing Balancing Poses (Module VI)
Active Rest – Wind Removing Series (Module VII)
Floor Core (Module VIII)
Floor Backbends (Module IX
Floor Forward Folds (Module X)
Final Spinal Twists (Module XI)
Breathwork (Module XII)
Progressive Relaxation Response and Savasana (Module XIII)

Fifth section

Pranayama – Our breath as the vehicle of our Life Force
Thoracic diaphragm
Breathing through the nose vs mouth
Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
Abdominal breathing
Diaphragmatic breathing
Alternate Nostril Breathing
Kapalabhati Breathing
Standing Heating Breath
The pitfalls of too much and/or improper breathwork

Sixth section

Pratyahara – What withdrawal of the senses means
Sankhya Philosophy – Purusha & Prakriti – Awareness & Action

Seventh section

Concentration as a requirement for meditation – Dharana
Ayurvedic Concentration Techniques
Using breathwork as a concentration tool – Modulating the Breath to modulate the Mind

Eighth section

Definition of meditation in relation to our consciousness – Dhyana
What happens in reality for most people

Ninth Section

The Holistic Aspect of Business

Upon Completion

This training is Yoga Alliance registered and AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America) approved.

You will be eligible to register as a 200-RYT.

You will also be eligible to receive professional liability insurance as an Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher.

This training may also be eligible as CEUs for other health and wellness accreditations.

The journey is yet in front of you!!

Submit your deposit for the registration process to begin.

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Below are some testimonials that speak for themselves

Tim and Vie provide a comprehensive and thinking outside of the box experience every time I work with them. They are gems. S.D.

These two know their stuff, nothing stumps them!! Vie and Tim are the most amazing, synchronized team available to train yoga teachers- maybe even in the whole world. They give every bit of knowledge to their students, and are genuinely interested in their students’ success. A hundred percent I would come here to train with them for anything yoga. You are truly in great hands. C.B.

I’ve taken many many trainings, throughout the years and all over and this was by far the best training I have ever taken. T.R.

Interested in taking teacher training with YOGA ENERGY STUDIO? I just finished their 200 hour Yoga & Ayurveda TT and can say this was one of the best experiences of my life. The Yoga Energy Studio has a combined knowledge and experience in yoga that is hard to find and they pass that on to their students. You are taught all aspects of what yoga encompasses, physical, mind and nutrition. They teach you how to teach yoga to everyone and anyone. Throughout the training you get to teach what you have learned from day to day, keeping the information fresh and relevant to the days learning. For me, never having taught yoga, it allowed me to gain experience and confidence before completing the training. They teach that simplicity, honesty and ethical businesses practices create a professionalism in the industry. They teach you that whether you plan on just teaching for someone or having your own business, after you go through their training you will have the practice and knowledge to do it. Any training Yoga Energy Studio has to offer is well sought out information. They take teaching to a higher level. I highly recommend taking any training they have to offer. E.S.

I was certified through YogaEnergyStudio (YES). They have an AMAZING teacher training program. Their curriculum exceeds expectations! I have been in the yoga industry for a long time and It has taken on a whole new meaning since completing my latest certification @ YES. Yoga & Ayurveda TT has given me a foundation to a whole new approach to life. Just like they say: “We believe that yoga and Ayurveda are every one’s birthright ” Thank you YOGA ENERGY STUDIO! N.A.

Thank you for the phenomenal training you gave me! I already miss everyone and will think of you often. Looking forward to keeping in touch and completing my 300 hour Teacher Training with you in the future and continuing with my Ayurveda training. Namaste! L.C.

The journey is yet in front of you!!

Submit your deposit for the registration process to begin.

If within US, please click on the orange button

If outside US, please click on the PayPal button

Ask us about payment plans! Train With Us! – Tim and Vie

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