Lessons from the Beloved Companion

the complete gospel of mary magdalene

Nope, I am not talking about Tim, not right yet. 🙂 Bear with me for a moment as I reminisce about my childhood… No Greek words or ancient Greek quotes involved, I promise.

One of the most treasured memories I have from growing up in Greece, is spending Good Friday’s with my parents. Being an only child, it was a really special time for me. Both of them would be off from work, I was off from school and most importantly, I was encouraged to not be doing homework.

Being that my father refused to go to church, we would get to drive outside my home town (the city of Pireas), and have coffee at my parents’ favorite cafe, overlooking the temple of Poseidon and the beautiful Aegean sea.

On Good Friday’s the weather would be everything you would expect from a perfect spring day. The sun is out, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and you can’t help but marvel at the wonder of life.

And that is exactly what I was feeling. I considered myself the luckiest girl on earth and I was trying to take in as much of those moments as I could because deep down I knew that they were as fleeting as clouds in the sky.

Which brings us to the present day and possibly one of my most favorite quotes yet:

If you are of the world and your world ends, where then will you go?

Yeshua, The Gospel of the Beloved Companion (Verse 25:3)

I find this sentence to be such an important reminder of how great life is. It is moments like those, the very special, sacred, fleeting moments that often show up out of nowhere, and help us dive deep down to understand ourselves just slightly better than before.

So that when our world seems to be coming to an end, we still have somewhere to go.

Even though I was baptized and raised Greek Orthodox, I did not get to go to church much while I was growing up. However, being the granddaughter of a cantor and the niece of a monk and a nun, I knew that there was a lot that I needed to explore and a lot that I had to leave alone.

Every now and then I start wishing that I had done things differently, that I had spent more time with my grandfather and that I had studied the religious texts for real, instead of just doing the bare minimum to get me by in school. But then I remember that:

What was of yesterday is of that day, and is now no more. As I am before you now, so too is the spirit with you always. You will not find the spirit by seeking in the past or looking to tomorrow.

– Yeshua, The Gospel of the Beloved Companion (Verse 28:4)

Thank you for sticking with me and reading all the way. As I said in the beginning, The Beloved Companion does not refer to Tim. 🙂 However, it is a book that Tim suggested that I read and I wished to share this with you because I find it fascinating.

The Gospel of the Beloved Companion – The Complete Gospel of Mary Magdalene (Translation and Commentary by Jehanne De Quillan)

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