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A very striking quote in the academic world that has been attributed to the speeches of several different people during graduation ceremonies is the following: Half of what we taught you in the past 4 years is wrong; unfortunately, we don’t know which half is wrong just yet.

As disheartening and even scary as the above statement might sound, it has been proven true over and over.

The world of health and fitness is full of such examples. This is one of the reasons that makes it necessary to continuously study and educate yourself should you wish to be of service to your clients and students.

As a health and fitness professional of any specialty you have to constantly explore, not just your specific field but other related disciplines as well. The term “explore” covers a wide range of activity — from keeping up with reliable research and studying evidence based results all the way to seeing how this applies to the ever changing needs of your clients and students.

Power Yin™ Yoga is the result of Tim’s and my explorations. -Vie

Did you know that most athletes retire due to joint issues not muscle issues?

Did you know that weak glutes may lead to the most common fitness-related injuries?

Did you know that flexibility can be a liability?

Did you know that stretching can be wasting your time and energy? And it can even be damaging to your body in the long run?

And most important, did you know that practice does not make perfect? But it does make permanent.

Power Yin™ Yoga is NOT yin yoga (as yin is advertised today).

Below are some testimonials that speak for themselves:

“I had a talk with the owner. She really didn’t understand yin. Evidently people get it confused with restorative. I could not compromise. So I stuck to my guns and taught another class tonight the way you taught me and everybody loved it! And asked the owner to add another class.” – Yoga Teacher, St Pete, FL

“I have really enjoyed teaching power yin and our members really like it too. ” – Beachside Wellness, New Smyrna Beach, FL

“My daughter and I practiced a Power Yin™ class (online) and she is still sore, three days later.” – Private Client (Editorial comment: The daughter is about 40 years younger than our client.)

“Power Yin Teacher Training was awesome! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and energy with us! – Teacher Training Graduate, Michigan

become a Power Yin™ instructor

To learn a lot more about Power Yin™ take the courses that have helped change the life of individuals and families throughout the world (and you don’t have to travel anywhere for it! 🙂 )

Train With Us! – Tim and Vie

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