The Strength and Glow of Citrine

Citrine Quartz Point Natural

Some say that fables are an alternate world to science. And we agree. The Roman god Mars, the counterpart of the Greek god Aries and of the Norse god Tyr, is the archetype of vitality, confidence, will, courage, resilience, perseverance and immunity.

One of his favorite stones is citrine. It is no wonder that citrine has been used as an ornament since antiquity. From the handles of swords to elaborate jewelry. It was a very beloved stone in Ancient Greece and Rome. The name “citrine” actually comes from the Greek word “kitron”, the citrus fruit bearing the same “kitrino” or yellow color.

In the Vedic tradition, citrine has been associated with the solar plexus chakra, the energy center of physical, emotional, and mental strength. It is also associated with the fire element, the element of warmth and transformation.

On the physiological level, citrine is said to enhance your metabolism, and help you digest foods, emotions and thoughts so you can absorb only what you need and discard the rest. This is also one of the reasons that citrine is known as the weight loss and detoxification stone.

Emotionally, citrine gives you the courage to find quick resolutions to any relationship issues and prevents you from wasting time and draining your energy.

Mentally it gives you the capacity to turn ideas into actions, the tenacity to move forward with justice no matter what, the strength to guide others when needed, and the will power to take risks in order to transform every obstacle into opportunity for growth.

Citrine helps shed light into the darkest aspects of every situation so you can better understand it in order to transform it following the principles of justice.

Today, citrine is found in Brazil, Africa, Madagascar, Spain, Russia, France, Scotland, and USA. Natural citrine has a light, soft yellow color, not the dark yellow that we often see. That is more of the heated, or treated citrine. Citrine is a quartz that contains inclusions of iron, hence its beautiful yellow tint.

Citrine from Brazil - Heated
Citrine from Brazil – This piece of citrine is heated

Feng Shui says to place citrine in your office, workspace, or work out room, to cultivate your physical, emotional and mental strength.

You can even carry a small piece of citrine in your pocket or everyday carry-bag to remind you to continue to transform yourself into who you want to be.

If you know of anyone feeling powerless right now, give them a piece of citrine so they can find and feel the fire inside them again.

In Electronic Gem Therapy, we use citrine semi-precious gemstones as the basis for certain applications. If you have never heard of Electronic Gem Therapy, keep an eye out for our upcoming blog.

We get some of our citrine from Michelle, at Sun, Moon and Stars, located at 120 Clarkesville Plaza, Unit A, in Clarkesville, GA 30523. You can also call her at (706) 754-5417 and you can always go to

May the stone of Aries, Mars and Tyr help us forever maintain mastery of our own will power so we can all be well, adapt and thrive.

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Until next time much, much love from both of us! Na’maste kala! Which in Greek means: May we all be well! – Tim and Vie

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