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Did you know that according to one publication, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February? And that according to another publication only 8% of the people who admit they make new year’s resolutions are successful in achieving their goals?

But why would we fail so miserably in something that is actually such an old practice?

The quick video below gives you the history of new year’s resolutions along with four very important criteria.

No matter what your resolutions are, make sure they follow the above four criteria and you will have a much higher chance of succeeding.

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Na’maste kala! Which in Greek means: May we all be well!

Video Transcript

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00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:07.770
Hi everyone! I would like to talk to you
about resolutions, the most famous of

00:00:07.770 --> 00:00:13.860
them being the New Year's resolutions.
The failure rate of New Year's

00:00:13.860 --> 00:00:21.750
resolutions is astonishing. According to
one publication approximately 80% of

00:00:21.750 --> 00:00:27.930
resolutions fail by the second week of
February. According to another

00:00:27.930 --> 00:00:35.219
publication only 8% of the people who
admit they make New Year's resolutions

00:00:35.219 --> 00:00:44.160
are successful in achieving their goals.
But why would we fail so miserably in

00:00:44.160 --> 00:00:55.050
something that is actually such an old
practice? Old? Yes very old. New Year's

00:00:55.050 --> 00:01:01.399
resolutions is a custom that dates 4000
years back to the ancient Babylonians.

00:01:01.399 --> 00:01:07.770
The ancient Babylonians were celebrating
the beginning of the new year

00:01:07.770 --> 00:01:13.830
which for them was around mid-march
based on the spring equinox with

00:01:13.830 --> 00:01:20.960
elaborate festivals. During this time the
people would also commit to becoming

00:01:20.960 --> 00:01:26.130
better by making personal promises to
the Gods.

00:01:26.130 --> 00:01:32.180
This way they knew that they would
definitely be held accountable.

00:01:32.180 --> 00:01:40.200
This practice passed on to ancient Rome
in a slightly different context. The

00:01:40.200 --> 00:01:46.950
Romans were celebrating the beginning of
the new year in January the month named

00:01:46.950 --> 00:01:55.549
in honor of God Janus. Janus is the
Roman God of doorways archways

00:01:55.549 --> 00:02:02.670
beginnings and endings usually depicted
with two faces one looking forward and

00:02:02.670 --> 00:02:09.009
the other backwards. The Romans honored Janus before any other God

00:02:09.009 --> 00:02:16.920
no matter the occasion, and made promises
to him for good behavior during

00:02:16.920 --> 00:02:23.680
January's New Year celebration. So what
happened? Why are we failing? Several

00:02:23.680 --> 00:02:31.120
reasons. Number one, we are not looking
for practices that are simple. We seem to

00:02:31.120 --> 00:02:39.489
have forgotten the Latin origin of the
word resolution, which meant a process of

00:02:39.489 --> 00:02:48.040
reducing things into simpler forms,
resolutionem.  We make things too

00:02:48.040 --> 00:02:56.440
complicated. Number two, we are afraid to
get out of our comfort zone. We look for

00:02:56.440 --> 00:03:04.709
things that are easy. Easy does not keep
us interested, easy does not render

00:03:04.709 --> 00:03:13.540
results. Without results we become bored
and quit. We need to take on practices

00:03:13.540 --> 00:03:20.139
that challenge us enough to make a
difference but not too much. So we need

00:03:20.139 --> 00:03:24.940
something that won't kill us but that will
make us stronger.

00:03:24.940 --> 00:03:34.180
We need hormetic resolutions. Number
three, very often we confuse resolutions

00:03:34.180 --> 00:03:40.750
with long-term goals. Resolutions have to
be something that we can implement right

00:03:40.750 --> 00:03:48.549
away something whose results we can
measure on a weekly basis, if not on a

00:03:48.549 --> 00:03:58.500
daily basis. Time is our most valuable
asset. Our resolution should not be

00:03:58.500 --> 00:04:10.299
wasting our most valuable asset. And last
but not least, our resolutions have to be

00:04:10.299 --> 00:04:18.070
time tested. Whether they involve
nutrition fitness meditative practices

00:04:18.070 --> 00:04:22.640
social behaviors
mental training spiritual training

00:04:22.640 --> 00:04:31.290
nature business practices we need to
know the history behind them. Just

00:04:31.290 --> 00:04:38.730
because an Instagram sensation advocates
a practice it does not mean it should be

00:04:38.730 --> 00:04:48.950
worth our time. Here at Spartan Mind
Strength, we use simple hormetic

00:04:48.950 --> 00:04:59.100
implementable and time-tested techniques.
We  use SHITT that works. Get the

00:04:59.100 --> 00:05:07.230
acronym? So no matter what your
resolutions are make sure they follow

00:05:07.230 --> 00:05:15.110
the above four criteria and you will
have a much higher chance of succeeding.

00:05:15.110 --> 00:05:21.240
To learn more about Spartan mind
strength subscribe to our podcast. The

00:05:21.240 --> 00:05:28.190
link is in the notes below.
Namaste kala! May we all be well! And

00:05:28.190 --> 00:05:35.480
until next time much much love from both
of us.

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