Bonfires, Wine, Cake and The Sun Standing Still

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No one is probably surprised to hear that the winter solstice was a time of merriment in Ancient Greece. After all, to this day, in Greece there is always some sort of celebration, let alone those ancient times when even philosophizing involved drinking.

But who would have thought that the winter solstice celebration was in honor of Poseidon, the god of the sea?

In Athens, and other parts of Ancient Greece, there was a month that corresponded to our December/January that was named Poseideon. Think about it… It makes perfect sense that the time chosen for his festival would coincide with the season the Greeks were least likely to set sail. 🙂

The winter solstice festival of Poseidon was celebrated in Athens and other cities of ancient Greece with large bonfires and a lot of wine and cake. Large bonfires and a lot of wine and cake you are wondering? Of course! Both activities were related to the failing sun. The large bonfires, symbolizing the creation of light and the wine and cake symbolizing the enjoyment of the cover that the darkness can provide.

Legend has it that the popularity of the Poseidonia on the island of Aegina (where we hold many of our trainings) was so high that they were extended to two months long.

In every culture, solstices are important ritualistic days designed to celebrate the changing of the seasons and a new energy. In fact, solstice in Latin means “the sun stands still”. The Sun standing still is a metaphor for the day the Sun appears to reverse direction and a new solar cycle begins.

Astronomically, the solstice happens twice a year when the tilt of the earth’s axis is most inclined toward or away from the sun causing the sun’s apparent position in the sky to reach its northernmost or southernmost extreme.

bonfires, wine, cake and the winter solstice

For those in the northern hemisphere the winter solstice is the day of the shortest period of daylight, known as the darkest day of the year. It is the time of the year that we have the opportunity to remember, reflect upon and study deep into our soul. We may not like everything that we find, but that is perfectly fine as long as we decide to own it. Only then, we shall find the strength to change it.

Whether it is the candlelight, a bonfire, a journal, or wine and cake that we choose, taking responsibility, exercising our ability to respond to the darkest elements of our soul, will help us move on to a richer human experience.

Hear even more about the ancestral celebrations of the winter solstice and how it can help us today by listening to our podcast episode below.

Episode 013 – The Winter Solstice for a Strong Mind – Feasting, Fasting and Community

  • The meaning of solstice
  • The honoring of Poseidon
  • Solstice and Rituals
  • Celebrating the community
  • Feasting, fasting and fire gazing
  • Introspection
  • What makes an angry yogi
  • Nietzsche and the destruction of Ancient Greece
  • Why Fight Club is the perfect winter solstice movie
  • You can find Fight Club here:

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The Spartan mind strength podcast the
podcast for mental grit and resilience

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hosted by Vie Binga and Tim Ganley

00:00:24.470 --> 00:00:29.840
-- Hello this is Tim -- and this is Vie and
we welcome you to another episode of the

00:00:29.840 --> 00:00:34.190
Spartan mind strength podcast -- today
we're going to be talking about the

00:00:34.190 --> 00:00:45.640
winter solstice -- stay tuned we'll be
right back

00:00:45.640 --> 00:00:51.560
-- the winter solstice and mind strength we're
going to be talking first a little bit

00:00:51.560 --> 00:00:56.690
about the history of the winter solstice
and then we'll talk a little bit why

00:00:56.690 --> 00:01:03.590
it's important for having a strong mind
so first tell me about the winter

00:01:03.590 --> 00:01:07.400
solstice --
ah well the concept of the solstice

00:01:07.400 --> 00:01:11.840
there are there are two there is the
winter solstice and there is the summer

00:01:11.840 --> 00:01:15.710
solstice so the concept -- and we're talking
about the winter solstice --  the winter solstice

00:01:15.710 --> 00:01:24.670
right now -- because it's called outside -- it is in the
northern hemisphere okay solstice

00:01:24.670 --> 00:01:35.390
it's a latin word and it actually means
the sun standing still and -- so it's not a

00:01:35.390 --> 00:01:40.790
Greek word -- 
it's I'm sure it is it has an ancient

00:01:40.790 --> 00:01:47.930
Greek origin since everything that's
right it is a metaphor actually the Sun

00:01:47.930 --> 00:01:55.880
appears to be standing still because it
changes directions and the winter

00:01:55.880 --> 00:02:02.930
solstice we usually refer to as a day
anywhere between December 20th and 23rd

00:02:02.930 --> 00:02:08.720
in the northern hemisphere but it is
actually more of like a moment in the

00:02:08.720 --> 00:02:13.780
it is when the Earth's axis

00:02:13.780 --> 00:02:21.910
astronomically is the furthest away from
the Sun this is why the winter solstice

00:02:21.910 --> 00:02:29.840
for us appears to be the shortest day
the shortest time between sunrise and

00:02:29.840 --> 00:02:38.030
sunset and the longest night it is
actually the darkest time of the year

00:02:38.030 --> 00:02:46.459
-- darkest and that's that brings us to
Greece -- yes so the winter solstice has

00:02:46.459 --> 00:02:53.590
been celebrated for thousands of years
like the Stonehenge is an example of

00:02:53.590 --> 00:02:59.360
honoring the winter solstice the Newgrange in Ireland is another example

00:02:59.360 --> 00:03:06.330
ancient people appreciated the winter
solstice and the summer solstice -- a lot more

00:03:06.330 --> 00:03:15.720
than today's --  a lot more than today so in
ancient Greece since  --  everything is ancient Greece  --  they were

00:03:15.720 --> 00:03:20.340
celebrating go figure
at first it doesn't make much sense they

00:03:20.340 --> 00:03:30.030
were celebrating Poseidon the god
Poseidon and it's like why what does Poseidon -- for

00:03:30.030 --> 00:03:34.769
the winter solstice -- yes yeah  --  that makes
no sense

00:03:34.769 --> 00:03:41.130
--  well yeah they were drinking a lot probably 
that's why ah but there was

00:03:41.130 --> 00:03:46.709
there was a good reason
it was the time that they were the least

00:03:46.709 --> 00:03:54.060
likely to set sail to go on the water so
since they were not going to be on the

00:03:54.060 --> 00:04:02.239
water with Poseidon they figured they
would celebrate Poseidon through fire

00:04:02.239 --> 00:04:14.329
wine and cake and all that  --  wine and cake -- yes yeah
wine and cake because they believed that

00:04:14.329 --> 00:04:22.710
there was a cover since it was such
a dark time that time of the year it

00:04:22.710 --> 00:04:28.620
was literally dark because the Sun
wasn't out as much -- and it still isn't --

00:04:28.620 --> 00:04:36.479
-- and it still isn't yeah with wine and cake
they could honor the darkness they

00:04:36.479 --> 00:04:43.289
had a cover so they could go a little
bit wild they could celebrate the

00:04:43.289 --> 00:04:51.990
darkness and also they had the bonfires
because they needed to also welcome the

00:04:51.990 --> 00:04:59.850
light that was about to come -- and that
was in Greece and it started off as  --  in Ancient Greece -- it started

00:04:59.850 --> 00:05:04.950
in Aegina actually the island that we do
teacher trainings on -- in Aegina  being being a

00:05:04.950 --> 00:05:09.930
very very highly water oriented ship

00:05:09.930 --> 00:05:17.640
Island they were they say that they were
celebrating for about two months -- so it

00:05:17.640 --> 00:05:23.550
wasn't just a moment and it was it
wasn't it wasn't a day and they actually

00:05:23.550 --> 00:05:32.220
say that the celebration of Poseidon is
what led to the celebration of Saturn

00:05:32.220 --> 00:05:39.600
the Saturnalia in Rome which was a very
very crazy time more crazy than in

00:05:39.600 --> 00:05:44.820
ancient Greece very nice so that's
basically the history that everybody

00:05:44.820 --> 00:05:49.100
celebrated this time of year for

00:05:49.130 --> 00:05:55.910
welcoming of the Sun it was welcoming of
the Sun it was a rebirth it was

00:05:55.910 --> 00:06:02.090
acknowledging the darkness and welcoming
the Sun the days would start to become

00:06:02.090 --> 00:06:11.670
longer and in in the north in all
tradition also the concept of the you

00:06:11.670 --> 00:06:18.930
the log egos for the same reason to
welcome the light they would start the

00:06:18.930 --> 00:06:24.330
log on a fire they would start one end
of it and they would wait until the

00:06:24.330 --> 00:06:30.690
whole log burned and legend has it that
sometimes he would take 12 days so they

00:06:30.690 --> 00:06:34.110
had a 12 day so they had a 12 day
celebration I sort of like the Greeks

00:06:34.110 --> 00:06:39.990
two months of drinking and eating cake a
bonfire yeah but I also like the Norse

00:06:39.990 --> 00:06:45.810
mythology because they were eating a lot
of meat today got a feasting feasting so

00:06:45.810 --> 00:06:51.180
so it basically is a time for party it
is a time for celebration

00:06:51.180 --> 00:06:58.770
ritualistic celebration though
celebration for a region excellent so in

00:06:58.770 --> 00:07:04.710
about two seconds we'll be back to talk
about why it's great for the brain stay

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00:07:35.710 --> 00:07:43.270
- traffic this is one of the ways that
you strengthen your mind you create more

00:07:43.270 --> 00:07:55.979
grit more strength for your brain
basically why ah because of the wine

00:07:56.850 --> 00:08:02.560
it's um
first of all it's about community ah no

00:08:02.560 --> 00:08:09.490
matter which culture you are looking at
and even in today's day and age this

00:08:09.490 --> 00:08:17.289
time of the year is all about
celebrating within your community it's a

00:08:17.289 --> 00:08:23.860
it's a bonding it is actually
acknowledging that we can only move

00:08:23.860 --> 00:08:33.729
forward we can only thrive if we view
ourselves as part of a greater community

00:08:33.729 --> 00:08:41.050
and up and actually celebrate that
accept that not fight that and this was

00:08:41.050 --> 00:08:45.490
the feasting time this was the feasting
time yes was the acknowledgement of that

00:08:45.490 --> 00:08:51.670
they feasted they ate a lot yes so they
were putting in good proteins good fats

00:08:51.670 --> 00:09:00.270
and some bad carbs and some bad carbs
are to prepare for the time of fasting

00:09:00.270 --> 00:09:05.589
that was going to come because winner
comes in you don't get as much food you

00:09:05.589 --> 00:09:10.450
have to fast exact time and actually
they would almost hibernate to some

00:09:10.450 --> 00:09:16.060
degree so yeah it depends it depends
which part of the world yes some parts

00:09:16.060 --> 00:09:22.540
they did hibernate some others they just
kept going even with less yeah so they

00:09:22.540 --> 00:09:29.860
ate good food they also watched fire and
fire is good for what a fire is good for

00:09:29.860 --> 00:09:36.010
your mitochondria yeah fire gazing see
since the Sun was no doubt as much

00:09:36.010 --> 00:09:42.310
because the Sun is tremendous for our
mitochondria they were actually having

00:09:42.310 --> 00:09:49.030
the bonfire since then so creating
community eating good food watching

00:09:49.030 --> 00:09:55.390
gunfire's mitochondria what else was
going on with this uh the the other

00:09:55.390 --> 00:10:04.380
thing was that they were actually
preparing for a time of introspection

00:10:04.380 --> 00:10:11.980
because they right right right after the
the celebration right after the feast

00:10:11.980 --> 00:10:19.960
along with the fast it was gonna be a
quieter time and that was gonna give

00:10:19.960 --> 00:10:26.940
them the chance to actually reflect upon
what had happened and what was coming

00:10:26.940 --> 00:10:34.000
because they it was it was almost like a
meditation except they were not just

00:10:34.000 --> 00:10:40.600
sitting there to do it it was more of a
non structured meditation that they were

00:10:40.600 --> 00:10:46.360
preparing for and it was necessary for
them that's why they were able to also

00:10:46.360 --> 00:10:53.110
create all those things that we see
today and make progress you have you

00:10:53.110 --> 00:11:00.430
have to have a balance of both you have
to have the extrovert aspect and you

00:11:00.430 --> 00:11:07.600
have to have the introvert aspect and
you can't have just one and it has to be

00:11:07.600 --> 00:11:15.160
cyclical and that's what that time of
the year was it was that transition so

00:11:15.160 --> 00:11:18.760
in that transition was anywhere between
twelve days to two months

00:11:18.760 --> 00:11:24.640
exactly exactly it depends because you
have different cultures and this one

00:11:24.640 --> 00:11:29.590
into the Latin or into the Roman times
also it came into this the Saturnalia

00:11:29.590 --> 00:11:37.750
yeah and the Saturnalia they were so
that that that cyclical aspect was so

00:11:37.750 --> 00:11:45.430
dramatic that during those celebrations
the their roles of the society were

00:11:45.430 --> 00:11:50.890
being reversed the slaves were becoming
the masters the masters were becoming

00:11:50.890 --> 00:11:58.840
the slaves schools and offices were
shutting down everything was becoming

00:11:58.840 --> 00:12:06.520
reversed in society
to to actually show people that you know

00:12:06.520 --> 00:12:15.670
how things can be and actually how
mother nature is mother nature works in

00:12:15.670 --> 00:12:22.570
cyclical ways it's all about dynamic
balance nothing is strict and mother

00:12:22.570 --> 00:12:32.430
nature always gives us what we need at a
time as long as we acknowledge it and

00:12:32.430 --> 00:12:40.600
accept it and use it it's the same with
us when we say we go into a meditation

00:12:40.600 --> 00:12:48.220
or introspection what is that really
it's it's actually us digging deep

00:12:48.220 --> 00:12:57.190
within within the darkest places of our
soul and instead of making that hide

00:12:57.190 --> 00:13:04.350
even deeper acknowledging it owning it
taking responsibility for it and

00:13:04.350 --> 00:13:11.620
changing whichever part we don't like or
whichever part doesn't serve us but most

00:13:11.620 --> 00:13:21.240
importantly our community so meditation
actually is not hiding things it's not

00:13:21.240 --> 00:13:25.270
suppressing that's what happens a lot in
today's world that's why you have all

00:13:25.270 --> 00:13:33.460
those angry Yogi's too because what they
do is they suppress well the Solstice

00:13:33.460 --> 00:13:44.020
concept says on that have your wine have
your cake on that and prepare shed light

00:13:44.020 --> 00:13:50.770
to it with a bonfire to use it to use it
for the greater good and actually

00:13:50.770 --> 00:13:58.060
Nietzsche did some work but he was
looking at Apollo and Dionysus yes

00:13:58.060 --> 00:14:05.350
saying that the culture was destroyed in
Greece they went too far in the mind yes

00:14:05.350 --> 00:14:12.750
and not enough in pleasure exactly they
went to Apollonian and they forgot the

00:14:12.750 --> 00:14:19.930
celebration of the human experience
Dionysos was teaching yes that's that's

00:14:19.930 --> 00:14:28.660
actually the downfall of ancient Greece
and a lot of other societies so that

00:14:28.660 --> 00:14:35.590
this time of year is actually designed
for us to get back into or get out of

00:14:35.590 --> 00:14:40.540
our brain get back into the enjoyment of
the world of the human experience that's

00:14:40.540 --> 00:14:45.790
right that's what but we're talking
about mind strength and you're telling

00:14:45.790 --> 00:14:55.230
us mine forget or what yeah yes it
sounds like at first it sounds like a

00:14:55.230 --> 00:15:00.330
self-contradiction how can you
strengthen your mind when you are

00:15:00.330 --> 00:15:06.910
getting when you quit using your brain
or you started using your mind a lot

00:15:06.910 --> 00:15:19.740
less well in order to strengthen our
mind we got to get out of our mind by

00:15:19.740 --> 00:15:27.190
out of our head yes we got to get out of
our head because we think we think that

00:15:27.190 --> 00:15:37.270
we need to always be very very rational
be very very logical we we feel that we

00:15:37.270 --> 00:15:50.080
need to always be in control of our mind
but neuroscience has also showed that in

00:15:50.080 --> 00:15:59.650
order for us to understand our mind
deeper to understand our mind better we

00:15:59.650 --> 00:16:09.810
need to let go of that control we have
our conscious mind and we have our

00:16:09.810 --> 00:16:18.580
subconscious mind and our subconscious
mind has a lot to teach us but we never

00:16:18.580 --> 00:16:27.820
get to it because we always operate out
of our fully conscious mind we always

00:16:27.820 --> 00:16:31.829
use that
prefrontal cortex that making decisions

00:16:31.829 --> 00:16:39.759
being logical being rational and we
never fully understand ourselves because

00:16:39.759 --> 00:16:47.649
we either are afraid of our subconscious
mind or we never we don't even know

00:16:47.649 --> 00:16:52.360
about it
so the best thing that we can do this

00:16:52.360 --> 00:17:00.850
time of year is going back to what the
ancients did and that is eat good party

00:17:00.850 --> 00:17:08.650
with your friends create community do a
bonfire hang out and enjoy instead of

00:17:08.650 --> 00:17:11.770
thinking all the time exactly it's let

00:17:11.770 --> 00:17:17.260
truly they let go may sound a little bit
foolish because that's how it's used a

00:17:17.260 --> 00:17:25.089
lot of times but is truly let go of
always trying to control everything

00:17:25.089 --> 00:17:31.210
always trying to understand everything
my most favorite way to explain the

00:17:31.210 --> 00:17:39.669
concept of let go is through the Fight
Club movie yes who wear the alter ego

00:17:39.669 --> 00:17:48.909
the older ego tells Tyler Durden ah just
let go they are driving there they are

00:17:48.909 --> 00:17:53.850
in the car and history actually Tyler
Durden tells him yes yeah

00:17:53.850 --> 00:18:00.700
the subconscious tells the conscious
just let go it's like you could die any

00:18:00.700 --> 00:18:04.510
minute you all this could happen and
you're still trying to control

00:18:04.510 --> 00:18:12.700
everything just let go that's one and
celebrate the winter solstice happy

00:18:12.700 --> 00:18:18.220
winter solstice everybody
until next time much much love from both

00:18:18.220 --> 00:18:24.539
of us namaste kala may we all be well

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as always namaste calab which in greek
means may we all be well this program

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