5 Key Points to Consider Before Buying a Stand Up Paddle Board

inflatable stand up paddle boards for fitness and yoga

Buying a stand up paddle board may not be as big of an investment as buying a house or a car but it certainly can be just as exciting, if not more. The 5 key points below will help you choose your first board wisely. Yes, you read correctly, your “first board”. Stand up paddle boarding is a fun and fulfilling activity with various aspects. If you choose that one board wisely you are going to fall so much in love with it that you will want to dive deeper and explore further.

Primary Use

What are you going to use the board primarily for? Is your main interest racing, surfing, touring, recreational or fitness? A racing board is not good for yoga and a fitness board is not good for racing.

Are you going to take your child, your puppy or your cooler with you on the board?

Are you planning on traveling with it? If yes, would it be by car or by plane? In the case of air travel an inflatable board might be a better choice.


Where are you planning on storing the board?

Do you have a garage or do you live in a condo/apartment? If you live in a condo/apartment, are you on the first floor? If not, how big is the elevator or how wide is the staircase?

Is the weight of the board important for you?

Are you going to always have help transporting it?

Is your car compatible with a roof rack?

How much does the durability of the board matter to you? Is is going to be around kids, dogs, etc?

Price Range

What is your price range?

You don’t want to sacrifice quality for price but you also don’t want to stress over something that is supposed to assist you in reducing stress!

You also need to consider that you will need a good paddle. A good paddle that meets your needs is equally as important, if not more.

This is another factor to consider when budgeting for a paddle board.

Consider the Source

Buy from a business for whom stand up paddling is a priority, a lifestyle, not just a hobby or an add-on.

Consider a business that has been around for a while and into water activities. They will be willing and able to work with you and help you choose the right board for you and your needs and also teach you how to use the board.

Try Before Buying

Last but not least — Do not buy a board before trying it on the water! Almost all companies have demo boards.

Paddleboard Gear

Kallisto – Dare to Wonder can be found at: https://squareup.com/store/trufitness-inc/

MiloFit – The Inflatable Strength Training Waterbag can be found at: https://squareup.com/store/trufitness-inc/item/milofit

Paddleboard Books

Walk on Water – A Guide to Flat Water Stand Up Paddling: amzn.to/2StOoVW

The Stand Up Paddle & Yoga Sutras – Reinventing the Art of Yoga: amzn.to/2BLBCep

Paddleboard Online Courses

Recreational Stand Up Paddle Guide Training: https://squareup.com/store/training-courses/item/recreational-stand-up-paddle-guiding?square_lead=item_embed

SUP & Yoga Online Certification: https://squareup.com/store/training-courses/item/sup-yoga-sutras-test-for-certification?square_lead=item_embed

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