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the root chakra and business

In a world that is so overloaded with information, factual, fictional and often down right false, it is hard to decipher what actually does matter. Fortunately, after several decades of extensive immersion in the world of yoga, ayurveda, and business, we have been able to dig well beyond the commodity of these disciplines.

Did you know that the whole system of Chakras can be fully applied into your business and help it thrive?

In Episode 43, where we discuss all about the Root Chakra in a Non-Foofoo Way, Tim is singing the Roof is on Fire by Rock Master Scott and The Dynamic Three. There is a great reason for this. A strong Root Chakra can get your business on fire. However, it does take work.

First you got to do all the ground work to get your Root Chakra healthy in the physical realm. Then you get to work on it emotionally and mentally.

As we discuss in Episode 50, the paradox of the root chakra is that it takes a lot of self-discipline to create self-discipline. But it is so much worth it!

In Episode 050 Tim is telling a story of “back in the day”, about how the studio ended up owning us and we worked for the studio and how we were able to reverse the situation using our Root Chakra.

A 26-second Sound Bite from “back in the day”

Audio Transcript

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00:00:00.060 --> 00:00:06.540
we were very very happy with the studio
-- and then something nasty happened a bar

00:00:06.540 --> 00:00:12.330
opened up next to us and it wasn't just
a bar it was a bar owner that rented the

00:00:12.330 --> 00:00:16.109
building on one side of us and rented
the building on the other side of us and

00:00:16.109 --> 00:00:22.439
he came in and told me that he would
close me or us in less than six months

00:00:22.439 --> 00:00:27.019
and that we needed to just leave

A 26-second Sound Bite on the results of a strong Root Chakra

Audio Transcript

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00:00:00.030 --> 00:00:10.170
I got the role of marketing and business
so I started studying and I can tell you

00:00:10.170 --> 00:00:15.719
that in the beginning I despised
business -- I didn't want to do it I didn't

00:00:15.719 --> 00:00:19.470
want to market I didn't want to do any
of those things neither one of us liked

00:00:19.470 --> 00:00:27.680
that and we always were under the
opinion that business isn't yoga

Episode 050 – The Root Chakra For Business

  • Tim is not singing, he is telling a story of “back in the day”
  • The story is about how the studio ended up owning us and we worked for the studio
  • Always remember, in life and also in business, you can think, you can wait, you can fast
  • The book Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse can be found here:
  • In order to succeed in business you must examine your mindset
  • The Root Chakra is called muladhara in Sanskrit. It is actually pronounced with a long u and long a, as in muulaadhaara
  • Muulaa means root and dhaara to hold, to contain
  • The root chakra is what supports your whole existence and it is not to be underestimated or belittled
  • Without a healthy root chakra you do not have the emotional and mental strength to thrive
the root chakra and business

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