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Have you ever thought why the Good Vibrations song by the Beach Boys makes you feel happy? And why you wanna keep those lovin’ good vibrations a-happenin’? 🙂

What the Beach Boys song represents is the life giving aspect of nature, as in sand, sun and salt water, all of those elements that helps us find the state of flow, aka enlightenment in the yogic language.

It is no wonder that in the Vedic system the Sun is associated with our Soul and our Crown Chakra. A healthy crown chakra gives us the ability to see unlimited opportunities and infinite possibilities.

However, as is often the case when it comes to anything with a mystical name, enlightenment is associated with false expectations. This has led many yogis on a path of one spiritual disappointment after another.

In Episode 049 we discuss everything from the various interpretations of the crown chakra to what we can do to strengthen it and most importantly what we should not do.

A 30-second Sound Bite on the simplest way to support your Crown Chakra

Audio Transcript

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00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:06.779
so working out so mainly working out
outside would be the number one for to

00:00:06.779 --> 00:00:14.009
become healthy and I like how the in
yoga -- yes -- they have the Sun Salutations

00:00:14.009 --> 00:00:21.900
and they're saluting the Sun -- exactly --
because the Sun is what feeds our

00:00:21.900 --> 00:00:28.439
vitamin D which then pushes toward our
brain functioning better and our crown

00:00:28.439 --> 00:00:31.640
chakra working better

A 27-second Sound Bite on the spiritual aspect of the Crown Chakra.

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00:00:00.049 --> 00:00:15.880
when you die you your soul leaves from the top
of the head then you defy the process of reincarnation

00:00:15.880 --> 00:00:23.579
or the samsara so you don't have to worry
about having to come back into a different

00:00:23.579 --> 00:00:26.909
body because you have the option to not come

Episode 049 – The Crown Chakra and Your Mind in a NON-FOOFOO Way

  • Tim is singing Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys:
  • There are conflicting opinions about whether the Crown Chakra belongs with the previous six chakras or not
  • Sahasraara translates to thousand petals, think of it as infinite possibilities
  • Forcing enlightenment creates unnecessary anger
  • A healthy crown chakra gives you the ability to see unlimited opportunities
  • You can find the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know?” here: It is quantum physics light. 🙂
  • The water analogy is also from the book “The Hidden Messages In Water” by Masaru Emoto:
  • All of the six chakras have to work properly all of the time in order to keep moving forward in life
  • The Beach Boys are all about enlightenment (exaltation), salt water, the sun and surfing (finding the state of flow)
  • The seventh chakra is associated with the Sun
  • The Sun represents our soul
  • The day of the week is Sunday
  • The color is white as in white light
  • Practicing Sun Salutations outside is a great way to cultivate your seventh chakra

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