Talk about, talk about, talk about movin’

How many times have you been told by friends, family, life coaches and personal improvement columns that you need to learn how to communicate better, how to express yourselves better?

Expressing ourselves and communication are all properties of the throat chakra. Episode 047 is all about talking! Not necessarily the kind you might expect. 🙂

We talk (pun intended 🙂 ) about everything from the location of the throat chakra (may not be what you think), what you can do to strengthen it and most importantly what you should not do.

A 28-second Sound Bite on why the Throat Chakra is so important

Audio Transcript

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00:00:00.260 --> 00:00:07.250
talk about it talk about it talk about it
moving on dun dun dun that's -- funky town

00:00:07.250 --> 00:00:16.020
-- yes so today is on the throat chakra and
I consider this is one of the more interesting

00:00:16.020 --> 00:00:24.199
ones the ones that you know they are all important
and but this one I think is very once it's

00:00:24.199 --> 00:00:30.000
one that you have to use constantly when you
are dealing with clients

A 28-second Sound Bite on the greatest communication skill

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00:00:00.110 --> 00:00:09.019
by listening you create that space in your
mind but more importantly you create space

00:00:09.019 --> 00:00:18.050
for the other person to feel comfortable and
express themselves -- so it creates a very

00:00:18.050 --> 00:00:30.000
safe area -- yes exactly exactly now crystals
well the color of the throat chakra is blue

Episode 047 – The Throat Chakra and Your Mind in a NON-FOOFOO Way

  • The fifth chakra (aka throat chakra) is called vishuddha in Sanskrit
  • Tim is singing, Talk About It by Funky Town:
  • Vishuddha translates to pure, established, thoroughly settled
  • A person with a healthy throat chakra does not randomly give opinions without prior knowledge
  • The location of the throat chakra is in the neck, brain stem area, in particular in the medulla obloganta
  • This makes the throat chakra all about communication and coordination internally (within ourselves) and externally (within our community)
  • The Waterboy movie can be found here:
  • Our C1 vertebrae is our atlas which supports our universe, just like the mythological Titan who was tasked with supporting the heavens on his shoulders
  • Our vagus nerve originating at our medulla obloganta is the most important nerve in terms of coordination between our three brains
  • The story of the famous Vagabonds (Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, and John Burroughs) that Tim talks about can be found here:
  • The most powerful form of communication is listening
  • Toys in the Attic by Aerosmith can be found here:
  • One of the ways to stimulate your throat chakra is through singing, whether it is good singing or bad singing 🙂
  • Gargling with coconut oil is another way to stimulate your throat chakra
  • The element associated with the throat chakra is the ether, or space
  • Space is what allows for communication and coordination of the other four elements to take place
  • Mutual listening allows for the creation of common ground between two parties
  • The color is blue and the crystals are aqua marine and blue sapphire
  • Breathwork with retention after inhalation, or exhalation, or both, is a very powerful strengthener for the throat chakra
  • For your Neck Stretches practice go here:
  • In terms of food, think fasting, think honey
  • The planet is Mercury, the day is Wednesday
  • The mantra is ham, pronounced hum
  • Humming is very good for our vagus nerve and so is laughing 🙂

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