The Groove Is In The Heart

You’re going to dance,
You’re going to dance,
You’re going to dance,
And have some fun.

Oh la la la la Episode 046 is all about the heart! Delightful, truly deee-liteful. 🙂

We talk about everything from the location of the heart chakra and what you can do to strengthen it to what an out of balance heart chakra behaves like.

A 22-second Sound Bite on how to locate your Heart Chakra

Audio Transcript

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00:00:00.060 --> 00:00:06.110
the heart chakra is the chakras are located
along the spine with opening to the front

00:00:06.110 --> 00:00:13.030
of the body so squeeze your shoulder blades
together and where the shoulder blades seem

00:00:13.030 --> 00:00:21.230
to meet that's the root of the heart chakra
and the opening is like the whole thoracic

00:00:21.230 --> 00:00:21.859

A 29-second Sound Bite on a Heart Chakra imbalance

Kind: captions
Language: en

00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:07.500
so people that in order to be happy
around people  -- yes -- in order to be nice to

00:00:07.500 --> 00:00:12.450
people -- yes -- in order to be helpful to people
you have to have a strong heart chakra

00:00:12.450 --> 00:00:20.699
-- exactly -- but it what would be if you your
heart chakra is -- closed -- yeah -- if it's not

00:00:20.699 --> 00:00:27.269
working properly
then you have you are not you you feel

00:00:27.269 --> 00:00:29.930

Episode 046 – The Heart Chakra and Your Mind in a NON-FOOFOO Way

  • The fourth chakra (aka heart chakra) is called anahata in Sanskrit, pronounced anaahata
  • Tim is singing the Groove Is In The Heart by Deee Lite:
  • Anaahata means unstruck, referring to the sound that our heart makes that we cannot hear. Deep isn’t it? 🙂
  • The keyword of the heart chakra is compassion for everyone and everything
  • An out of balance heart chakra causes resentment, apathy and calculated relationships
  • It is very hard to have a healthy heart chakra without a healthy root chakra
  • A person with a healthy heart chakra wants to make every one smile
  • A person with an out of balance heart chakra wants to be a troll
  • Unconditional love requires faith in something bigger than ourselves
  • The greek word filoxenia, being friend to a stranger denotes the concept of a really strong heart chakra
  • The Vedic system states that we are all connected through the Atman (higher power, macrocosmos) and the jivatman (individual soul, microcosmos)
  • Quantum physics refers to the concept that we are all connected as entanglement theory; Atman corresponds to the unified field of consciousness
  • Learn how to perform the Standing Heating Breath properly here:
  • The Superman pose and the Superman Stance are great for strengthening the heart chakra
  • Standing or seated rows, pull-ups and pushups should be added to your daily routine
  • The color is green, the stones are emerald, peridot, green tourmaline
  • The bija mantra is yam (pronounced yum)
  • Ideal spices for the heart chakra: chamomile and holy basil
  • The planet is Venus and the day of the week, Friday

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