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Have you or somebody you know ever said “I do not feel like myself”? Well, guess what? It is because at that time you were NOT yourself. I know, I know, this is probably going to sound like superstitious crap or alien poop. And in all reality, it is “alien poop”. 🙂

It turns out that we share our bodies, and hence our moods and behaviors with some foreign guys. They are our gut bacteria or microbes. They are trillions of them (the exact number keeps changing based on different sources of evidence) collectively referred to as our gut microbiome.

They affect everything we do, from our digestion and elimination, to our immune system, our cognitive ability, our ability to respond to stress, and even our ability to feel compassion.

Until recently scientists believed that there were ten times more microbes in our body than human cells. But new evidence suggests that the ratio is closer to one to one.

Not all of those guys are good guys. And we do not all share the same alien profile.

However, there are a lot of the same practices we can all do to help our good alien roommates thrive (over the bad guys) so that they, in turn, can help us thrive.

The following is a 24-second Sound Bite from Episode 045, where we discuss the relationship of our solar plexus to our gut brain and what you can do to strengthen your third chakra. Also, you do not want to miss Tim’s singing! 🙂

Audio Transcript

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00:00:00.160 --> 00:00:13.389
the solar plexus is all about our gut bacteria
and we have millions of foreign bacteria in

00:00:13.389 --> 00:00:20.790
there actually most of them are not human
-- yeah they are aliens -- and a lot of them

00:00:20.790 --> 00:00:23.599
are good a lot of them may not be good

Episode 045 – The Third Chakra and Your Mind in a NON-FOOFOO Way

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