Your Subtle Organs & Vendettas

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Do you tend to roll your eyes every time some one mentions the word chakra? I know I do a lot of the times. Especially if it is being used along with words such as “open”, “close” or “clear”. As a scientist by trade, I find really disturbing all the garbage, intentional and unintentional that surrounds such an important aspect of our existence.

My most favorite way to describe the chakras is that of Plato. Plato referred to the chakras as the subtle organs that our soul uses to relate to our physical body.

This is why it should be of no surprise that there is plenty of scientific experimental evidence which shows that working with the chakras is like strength training for our emotions and our mind.

The following is a 25-second Sound Bite from Episode 043, where we discuss the root chakra and how you can use it for a stronger emotional and mental world. Also, you do not want to miss Tim’s singing! 🙂

Audio Transcript

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00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:08.160
you can use technology you can use
instruments to measure

00:00:08.160 --> 00:00:15.120
and show the existence of chakras or meridians for that matter

00:00:15.120 --> 00:00:20.369
you can actually show that doing certain practices

00:00:20.369 --> 00:00:27.949
the person feels behaves and thinks healthier

Episode 043 – The Root Chakra and Your Mind in a NON-FOOFOO Way

  • The Root Chakra is called muladhara in Sanskrit — it is actually pronounced with a long u and long a, as in muulaadhaara
  • Muulaa means root and dhaara to hold, to contain
  • Tim is singing the Roof is on Fire by Rock Master Scott and The Dynamic Three 🙂
  • We think, we feel and we are, all at the same time
  • In the English transliteration of the Sanskrit language the consensus is that Prana is our life force and prana is our breath — learn more about Sanskrit with Nicolai Bachman’s book, the Language of Yoga:
  • Working with the Chakras is strength training for your emotions and your thoughts
  • Dr Hiroshi Motoyama’s Theories of the Chakras book can be found here:
  • Dr Jon Whale’s book can be downloaded for free here:
  • The key phrase of a healthy root chakra is “trust in a higher power”
  • Benefits of a strong root chakra
  • Signs of a weak root chakra
  • The word vendetta was created in Mani, South Greece 🙂
  • Physical practice for a strong root chakra
  • Foods and spices for a strong root chakra
  • Colors and crystals for a strong root chakra
  • Earth is the element that corresponds to the root chakra
  • How to incorporate earthing into your daily practice
  • The bija (seed) mantra to strengthen your root chakra is: LAM
  • The planet associated with the root chakra is Saturn
  • The archetype associated with the root chakra is the Snake
  • Take care of your subtle organs!

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