What Is Ayurveda – The Ayurveda & Coffee Video Series

what is ayurveda - the ayurveda and coffee series

Have you ever wondered what Tim and I talk about while drinking coffee? πŸ™‚

You guessed correctly! Ayurveda of course!

In this Ayurveda and Coffee Series we will be breaking down step by step and in a very simple way the principles of Ayurveda for Thriving.

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The video is raw but the information is sound. For your viewing pleasure, look for the CC button on the video, click on it and you will have subtitles. πŸ™‚

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Na’maste kala! Which in Greek means: May we all be well, adapt and thrive!

Video Transcript

WEBVTT Kind: captions Language: en 

WEBVTT Kind: captions Language: en WEBVTT Kind: captions Language: en 00:00:00.210 --> 00:00:07.820 welcome to the first -- of many -- of many of coffee and ayurveda so we'll be doing 00:00:07.820 --> 00:00:13.769 little lectures little talks on what ayurveda is and what actually we'll be using 00:00:13.769 --> 00:00:19.980 a lot of ancestral science so to start though I want to go a little bit into 00:00:19.980 --> 00:00:24.119 overall I'm going to be the guy doing the interviewing and she's going to be the 00:00:24.119 --> 00:00:30.720 one answering so I would like to go into what is ayurveda and why should I care 00:00:30.720 --> 00:00:41.100 ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine it originated or it was documented 00:00:41.100 --> 00:00:50.730 in India by some it's considered the oldest form of medicine what we know is 00:00:50.730 --> 00:00:57.000 that the oldest documented form of medicine the ancient cultures of all 00:00:57.000 --> 00:01:04.739 different types were wise so they all had a lot of amazing systems of healing 00:01:04.739 --> 00:01:19.500 ayurveda is a Sanskrit word and comes from ayuh and Veda ayuh means life Veda 00:01:19.500 --> 00:01:25.280 means science a systematized type of knowledge 00:01:25.280 --> 00:01:32.520 Ayurveda is considered the science of life and that's what that's how most 00:01:32.520 --> 00:01:43.610 people translate it to however what makes ayurveda so powerful is that it is 00:01:43.610 --> 00:01:52.920 the science or the system of your own particular life -- so ayurveda actually 00:01:52.920 --> 00:02:04.250 it's one on one it's not one pill takes care of everything -- exactly ayurveda considers every individual as a unique 00:02:04.250 --> 00:02:12.670 book very different than everybody else and also ayurveda 00:02:12.670 --> 00:02:19.020 looks at your environment so the particular individual and their 00:02:19.020 --> 00:02:27.010 environment you can think of ayurveda like a blueprint that tells you of what 00:02:27.010 --> 00:02:36.910 you need to pay attention to in order to live in harmony in a dynamic harmony 00:02:36.910 --> 00:02:43.569 with your environment -- so when you talk about living in dynamic harmony with your 00:02:43.569 --> 00:02:48.130 environment now there's a lot of people that say different things about ayurveda 00:02:48.130 --> 00:02:55.660 and I know one is you don't eat food that has been left is leftovers -- yeah -- 00:02:55.660 --> 00:03:03.640 so why would I want to listen to something that is telling me like don't 00:03:03.640 --> 00:03:10.209 eat leftovers some of the rules that have been told about ayurveda -- yeah don't combine this 00:03:10.209 --> 00:03:17.290 food with this food and all that stuff -- why would it matter today -- so there is 00:03:17.290 --> 00:03:22.660 there is the ayurveda like it was formulated initially by the wise ones 00:03:22.660 --> 00:03:30.239 and there is also the ayurveda the way it has been transmitted from guru to 00:03:30.239 --> 00:03:36.280 student who becomes the Guru and blah blah blah blah so it's like he said she 00:03:36.280 --> 00:03:45.220 said so a lot of it a lot of what we see as ayurveda today is arbitrary opinions 00:03:45.220 --> 00:03:52.329 that sounded good and they made it you know from one person to the next 00:03:52.329 --> 00:03:55.450 a lot of it is completely unsubstantiated 00:03:55.450 --> 00:04:03.989 so they say this thing don't eat leftovers well if you look at 00:04:03.989 --> 00:04:13.299 when this started leftovers those days were actually you know they could 00:04:13.299 --> 00:04:18.609 be poison because they didn't have the way the refrigeration and everything and 00:04:18.609 --> 00:04:24.130 they were living like next to animals and everything so a lot of it could be 00:04:24.130 --> 00:04:30.850 poison so you have to look at the context of the say the 00:04:30.850 --> 00:04:37.360 rules of ayurveda that's why I like to look at it as a blueprint that you apply 00:04:37.360 --> 00:04:44.950 today and some things you cannot take literal like that and some other things 00:04:44.950 --> 00:04:50.410 are completely opinions -- okay -- so you have different issues going on there 00:04:50.410 --> 00:04:56.620 -- so these morning talks that we're going to be doing also by the way ayurveda doesn't say 00:04:56.620 --> 00:05:04.720 you can't drink coffee right -- no no actually coffee and tea caffeine is awesome for ayurveda -- okay 00:05:04.720 --> 00:05:10.690 and we're also going to be talking about ayurveda is a very specific one-to-one 00:05:10.690 --> 00:05:14.860 ratio so each person is going to be different some people might not do good 00:05:14.860 --> 00:05:22.120 with coffee some people might do great with coffee -- exactly I thought everybody does great with coffee -- some people might not do good with 00:05:22.120 --> 00:05:28.150 meat -- yes -- some people might do better as a vegan some as a vegetarian so we're not 00:05:28.150 --> 00:05:35.920 going to we're going to take ayurveda as it was designed and not as is being taught 00:05:35.920 --> 00:05:41.110 today -- yes -- so it's going to be talking about different types of foods so we're going 00:05:41.110 --> 00:05:44.730 to be looking at each person differently there is a book in 00:05:44.730 --> 00:05:46.290 ayurveda and it's called 00:05:46.290 --> 00:05:54.180 about meat -- oh the materia medica of ayurveda that gives you extreme detail on what type of 00:05:54.180 --> 00:06:01.900 animal like extreme detail for which case and when we are talking about type 00:06:01.900 --> 00:06:10.240 of animal was like the altitude the season the age the region everything 00:06:10.240 --> 00:06:14.320 everything which part of the animal -- and then we're also going to be bringing 00:06:14.320 --> 00:06:18.400 things into not just the physical aspect of your body we're also going to be 00:06:18.400 --> 00:06:23.620 talking about the mental -- and the emotional because it's all about the mind 00:06:23.620 --> 00:06:28.180 -- and I know a lot of people say that ayurveda starts in the stomach ayurveda 00:06:28.180 --> 00:06:34.810 says -- that disease starts in the gut -- and you're saying though that it -- the 00:06:34.810 --> 00:06:41.550 disease starts in the mind with the choices that we make -- and 00:06:41.550 --> 00:06:48.480 then it goes into the gut -- and then it starts manifesting in the gut but the disease 00:06:48.480 --> 00:06:58.230 starts in the mind we we under estimate we don't value enough the power of the 00:06:58.230 --> 00:07:02.490 mind -- excellent so that's it for today what is 00:07:02.490 --> 00:07:08.280 ayurveda and we'll be going into the doshas tomorrow -- the bio-energies stay 00:07:08.280 --> 00:07:10.610 tuned

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