Crystals, Chakras & Your Mind – In A Non-FooFoo Way

crystals, chakras and mind strength

Have you ever wondered why it feels so cozy to stand or sit in front of a wood burning fire? When we stand in front of a coal fire, invisible, low frequency infra-red rays pass through our body. Infra-red heat, also known as radiant heat, creates the cozy feeling of heat in the body by raising our atomic vibrational rate.

Cold weather slows down our vibrational rate, our muscles tighten up, we shiver, and we “waste” energy in order to generate heat.

Another reason that ambient energy affects us so much is due to the way our body structures water. There are interesting discoveries (link in the topics section below) showing that this fascinating structuring of water is powered by ambient energy. Infrared saunas for example can energize the water creating expanded “exclusion zones” (EZ-water aka the fourth phase of water) which are necessary for a host of biological functions, such as assisting blood flow and lubricating joints.

The following is a 45-second Sound Byte from episode 42, the first of an 8-part series where we discuss crystals, and chakras and how you can use these energy storehouses to improve your mental strength.

Audio Transcript

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00:00:00.929 --> 00:00:06.890
You take, you take a crystal right you put
it in the sun it will break right -- yes some

00:00:06.890 --> 00:00:16.010
of them yeah the quartzes yes -- exactly and that's
because of the heat well our fascia has crystals

00:00:16.010 --> 00:00:27.760
the heat will change the type the phase of
the crystal the heat will break any blockages in there

00:00:27.760 --> 00:00:35.290
-- so that's why and I know that I have seen calcite
that was put in a window shutter -- yes -- and I know

00:00:35.290 --> 00:00:40.640
amethyst can shutter -- exactly -- clear quartz -- exactly -- rose quartz --exactly  -- and that's all because the

00:00:40.640 --> 00:00:45.160
crystal is heating too much -- exactly -- is that
why computers break?

Episode 042 – Crystals, Chakras & You Mind in a Non-FooFoo Way

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