The Dark Side Of The Moon

Most people agree that the beauty of a full moon is undeniable. But what about a dark moon aka a new moon?

Astronomically speaking, a new moon occurs when this charming celestial body is positioned precisely in between the earth and the sun. This makes the bright side of the moon facing away from the earth.

According to ancient astronomers the state of the moon reflects the state of our mind. In fact King Solomon said that if you could just follow one celestial omen that would be the lunar path. In this case, just like the moon is being quiet, not visible from the earth, getting ready to slowly start revealing herself to us, so should our attention be.

New moons facilitate creativity through concentration and contemplation. New moons are conducive to new beginnings.

New Moon Meditation Practice – The Spartan Way

  • Set aside some quiet time. If you are new to this think 5-10 minutes.
  • Decide on that one specific thing that you wish to see yourself accomplishing that matters the most to you.
  • We all have several things in mind but choose only one.
  • Write down what that is as if you have already accomplished it.
  • Put all your enthusiasm into it as if you have already completed it. Imagine that you are telling a good friend about it who is rejoicing in your success.
  • Now read it or say it out loud.

Two practices you can do during a new moon to quickly improve your concentration and contemplation abilities.

Practice 1

Give yourself permission to stop doing, to stop multitasking and allow yourself to daydream and harness the benefits of the most powerful drug, the relaxation response.

Our book, “Yoga & Progressive Relaxation Response” gives you step by step instructions, as if you were taking one of our infamous yoga classes.

You will love that it is a short read and that the actual practice takes no more than 10-minutes.

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Practice 2

If you prefer a more active way to harness the benefits of the relaxation response, practice our 24-min Heart to Mind PM Series.

The video gives you the class that thousands of students have loved through the years.

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