Conscientious Eating by Raja Ayurveda

conscientious eating by raja ayurveda

Eating is undoubtedly, very personal. Conscientious eating on the other hand, Ayurveda says, should be a habit, across the board. If “ayurveda” is a foreign term to you that makes your tongue twist in weird ways, you are not alone and you should not even worry about it.

What matters here, is the term “conscientious eating”. Conscientious eating is when you are in control of what you put in your body, as opposed to letting circumstances or others decide for you.

Conscientious eating is when you stop being a “consumer” of food.

One of the most common concerns we hear more often than not is something like the following: “I’m just so busy with everything that I don’t have time to cook, and I end up starving so I just eat whatever I can get my hands on.”

Even though it sounds like the issue is time, in reality, lack of time is not the problem. The missing link is lack of action.

So here are 4 very simple action items that will get you on your way to conscientious eating.

Tip 1 – Results Require Routine

Plan your daily 3 meals (no snacks) for one week at a time, and repeat that weekly plan four times, for a total of 28 days. You do not need more than 3 meals a day if your meals are right for you.

Tip 2 – Use Smart Ways To Prepare Your Food

Find efficient and effective ways to prepare your food so you do not end up wasting mental energy. That would be draining, not nourishing. For example, you can slow cook using an instant-pot, or a crock-pot, you can sautee within minutes, you can cook in large batches and freeze individual portions, etc. There are many great available resources that can give you plenty of such ideas.

Tip 3 – Eat Nutrient Dense & Diverse Food

Eat food that is nutrient dense and diverse. Do not consume empty calories. Pop tarts are not nutrient dense. In the same sense, the same fresh, local, organic vegetables all the time, will not give you all the different nutrients your body needs.

Tip 4 – Own Your Food Choices

Make your own decisions. When going out to eat, whether with friends, family or for business, take charge of where you are going. Do not just go with what others want if it does not meet your standards. Pleasing others, against taking care of your own well-being is not doing any one a favor. It is called weakness.

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Audio Transcript

WEBVTT Kind: captions Language: en 

WEBVTT Kind: captions Language: en WEBVTT Kind: captions Language: en 00:00:00.030 --> 00:00:05.700 Eating can be a very very personal thing as you know. Eating is like politics and 00:00:05.700 --> 00:00:10.349 religion. We are not going to get into the particulars of what to eat how to 00:00:10.349 --> 00:00:17.160 eat all that stuff. A very common question we get from people: I get too hungry, 00:00:17.160 --> 00:00:24.180 I have nothing around that's good for me but I'm gonna eat whatever I find. They feel bad, they 00:00:24.180 --> 00:00:34.100 are not satisfied, they end up in a vicious cycle. It is very common for people to not be able to 00:00:34.100 --> 00:00:41.760 control what they are doing. What we are gonna do here is give you four very very 00:00:41.760 --> 00:00:49.620 easy tips so that you can adjust what type of eating you do for the most 00:00:49.620 --> 00:00:55.260 benefits for yourself. It doesn't 's matter if you are Paleo if you are vegan if you're 00:00:55.260 --> 00:01:02.579 vegetarian if you are whatever we are gonna give you four tips that you can apply to 00:01:02.579 --> 00:01:11.189 anything that are very very easy. First of all Ayurveda and common sense says that 00:01:11.189 --> 00:01:19.770 you have full control over what you are putting in your own body. No one is 00:01:19.770 --> 00:01:27.990 forcing you to eat something you don't wanna eat. No excuses like no excuses like oh 00:01:27.990 --> 00:01:37.259 I had to eat that or whatever. Just decide that you have full control over what you 00:01:37.259 --> 00:01:43.560 are putting in your own body. Tip number one. Now that we have established the control. 00:01:43.560 --> 00:01:53.310 In order to have results in order to have -- actually for your eating to benefit 00:01:53.310 --> 00:02:00.180 you -- you need to get into a routine. Results require routine, 00:02:00.180 --> 00:02:06.530 period. You can't just randomly be eating whatever is around. You can plan 00:02:06.530 --> 00:02:14.989 ahead. And the very effective way to plan ahead is plan for a week ahead 00:02:14.989 --> 00:02:22.310 of time and then repeat that week for four weeks straight. You decide on 00:02:22.310 --> 00:02:29.870 what you're gonna eat for a week starting today and then that week you 00:02:29.870 --> 00:02:35.989 can repeat it for four weeks straight. That is very very easy to do. All you need is 00:02:35.989 --> 00:02:39.920 three meals a day. Stop worrying about snacks and things like that. 00:02:39.920 --> 00:02:46.310 Ayurveda and a lot of modern science says all you need is three meals a day. It's very 00:02:46.310 --> 00:02:53.739 easy to plan breakfast lunch dinner for that day. Tip number two. Find 00:02:53.739 --> 00:03:02.420 efficient and effective ways of cooking so you don't end up spending hours and 00:03:02.420 --> 00:03:08.870 days preparing your meal. No matter what style of eating you do vegan vegetarian 00:03:08.870 --> 00:03:14.989 paleo -- those are the most common -- find efficient and effective ways of 00:03:14.989 --> 00:03:22.579 preparing your meals that don't take up too much time and energy. There are many 00:03:22.579 --> 00:03:28.639 many recipes out there, many many fast effective efficient ways of cooking. 00:03:28.639 --> 00:03:37.549 Crock-pot, sautee make batches, cook in large batches divide them up in small 00:03:37.549 --> 00:03:43.400 containers and freeze them. You don't have to invest hours and tons of mental 00:03:43.400 --> 00:03:51.079 energy figuring out how to prepare your meals. That was tip number two. Remember 00:03:51.079 --> 00:03:57.940 number one results require routine. One week four weeks straight. Tip number two 00:03:57.940 --> 00:04:04.069 efficient and effective ways. Crock-pots, sauteing, use the freezer. 00:04:04.069 --> 00:04:14.659 Tip number three. Nutrient dense and diverse foods. It is very very important 00:04:14.659 --> 00:04:21.009 not to just feed your body with random calories. Nutrient dense and 00:04:21.009 --> 00:04:29.449 diverse foods. You don't wanna be eating the same thing breakfast lunch dinner for seven 00:04:29.449 --> 00:04:36.259 days straight and repeat. That's not nutrient diverse food. You don't wanna be 00:04:36.259 --> 00:04:42.650 eating pop-tarts, that's not nutrient dense food. Food that has a lot 00:04:42.650 --> 00:04:52.419 of good protein fat minerals vitamins, and diverse so you get all the varying 00:04:52.419 --> 00:04:58.880 nutrients that your body needs. Nutrient dense and diverse food is delicious so you 00:04:58.880 --> 00:05:05.840 can eat the same thing for four weeks straight, the same week rotation. That was 00:05:05.840 --> 00:05:11.840 number three. Tip number four. If you're going out with 00:05:11.840 --> 00:05:21.080 friends or family make a wise decision of where you're gonna go, choose a place 00:05:21.080 --> 00:05:28.789 that you feel you can get good nutritious and delicious food. Don't leave it 00:05:28.789 --> 00:05:33.590 up to others to take you wherever that might be, 00:05:33.590 --> 00:05:40.690 take control, make the decision. If you don't want to go there don't go there. 00:05:40.690 --> 00:05:46.680 You have full control over what you are putting in your own body. Those were the 00:05:46.680 --> 00:05:55.979 four tips for conscientious responsible eating. Take ownership of the 00:05:55.979 --> 00:06:02.910 food that you put in your body, it's very important, ownership, own your decisions. 00:06:02.910 --> 00:06:11.330 Number one -- results require routine, prepare a week ahead and repeat that 00:06:11.330 --> 00:06:18.270 four weeks straight, that's extremely easy. Number two -- efficient and effective 00:06:18.270 --> 00:06:26.760 ways of cooking so you don't use all your mental energy preparing your food, 00:06:26.760 --> 00:06:34.320 that's draining, that's not nutritious, crock-pots, sauteing, big batches divide 00:06:34.320 --> 00:06:38.870 them up in containers that's what we have freezers today for. Number three -- 00:06:38.870 --> 00:06:45.509 nutrient dense and diverse food so it ends up being delicious so you enjoy 00:06:45.509 --> 00:06:51.870 eating it. Number four -- if you're gonna go out decide where you are going that's 00:06:51.870 --> 00:07:00.120 good for you. Take control of your eating, take ownership. And, everybody share with 00:07:00.120 --> 00:07:05.039 everyone you believe will find this useful. Any questions you know how to 00:07:05.039 --> 00:07:08.180 find us, bye everybody!

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