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One of the most underrated and under-trained areas of our body is our forearm and grip. In fact our grip strength is a measure of our forearm’s muscular strength. It is even used as a screening tool for measurement of our upper body strength and overall strength. Interestingly enough, research indicates that grip strength in midlife can predict physical disability in senior years.

Unfortunately today we automate everything. We use electric garage doors instead of manual, we use leaf blowers instead of rakes, we use bottle/jar cap openers and we do not even carry grocery bags any more

The paddleboard walk is a great strength and mobility workout for the whole body and in particular the forearms and grip.

If you are a paddleboarder it is ideal during both on and off season.

Video Guide

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Paddleboard Walk (aka Farmer’s Walk) from Tim And Vie on Vimeo.

How To Perform

You can use a single weight or two weights such as Dumbbells or Kettlebells or even buckets filled with sand, water or rocks. Starting light is good. This way you get a sense for the movement. You can slowly increase the weight as needed.

If you are using two weights, try to make the weights different by at least 5 lbs.

For those of you familiar with our Ten Stone Workout this is how you would incorporate the Paddboard Walk:

Paddleboard Walk – Ten Stones

What Is One Stone? 1 Stone = 1 round of the following:

  • Use a single weight or two weights as described above.
  • Brace your glutes and the rest of your core, and lift the weight(s), one in each hand.
  • Walk for 30 sec in one direction. Walk tall looking straight ahead.
  • Brace your glutes and the rest of your core, and with control, set the weight(s) on the floor.
  • Switch the weight(s) around or switch the hand the single weight is on.
  • Walk back in the reverse direction for 30 sec.
  • That was 1 Stone.

Repeat 9 more times for a total of 10 Stones.

You can perform all 10 Stones (rounds) in one series or throughout the day if need be. At the end of the day you will have done the Paddleboard Walk for 10 min. Congrats!

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Na’maste kala! Which in Greek means: May we all be well!

Video Transcript

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00:00:01.310 --> 00:00:06.620
Hello this is Tim from the Yoga Energy
Studio. Sylvie's getting ready to do the

00:00:06.620 --> 00:00:12.030
stand-up paddle walk. She's using
dumbbells that weigh more than her

00:00:12.030 --> 00:00:24.000
paddleboard. One is 5 pounds heavier than
the other, so after each set switch to

00:00:24.000 --> 00:00:29.689
different hands. You can go for speed or

00:00:35.320 --> 00:00:37.380

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