SMS 009: No, we are not talking about No. (Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Resilience and Emotional Sustenance.)

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  • What do emotional Vata, Pitta, and Kapha look like when in balance?
  • Do you have happy moments or a happy life? 
  • What do emotional Vata, Pitta and Kapha look like when out of balance?
  • Do you hold any grudges? Vie still wants her dollhouse. 
  • How to build your emotional foundation.
  • Can you identify your emotions?
  • Why just taking turmeric won’t help you create a rich emotional world.
  • Commodity Ayurveda is wrong once again. 
  • The Greek definition of Sin.
  • Mercury, Odin, Hermes and Emeralds.
  • A Greek proverb.


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Audio Transcript

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00:00:08.960 --> 00:00:15.590
The Spartan mind strength podcast the
podcast for mental grit and resilience

00:00:15.590 --> 00:00:20.900
hosted by Vie Binga and Tim Ganley --

00:00:21.230 --> 00:00:29.900
Hello! Hi Everyone, this is Vie -- and this is Tim -- and we welcome you to another
episode of our spartan mind strength

00:00:29.900 --> 00:00:34.160
podcast -- we're here in Florida we just
spent the last day and a half traveling

00:00:34.160 --> 00:00:39.530
back from Greece to here and we're gonna
be here for a couple days we decided to

00:00:39.530 --> 00:00:44.540
talk about
ohi today -- Ohi! are you sure about that? --

00:00:44.540 --> 00:00:55.010
No -- Ohi is the Greek word for no and
since we just spent six weeks hearing

00:00:55.010 --> 00:01:01.129
that word pretty much all the time we
figured we had to share it with you. Stay

00:01:01.129 --> 00:01:07.709
tuned we'll be right back.

00:01:07.890 --> 00:01:15.030
And we're back so today's episode is
brought to you by Raja Ayurveda -- Ayurveda

00:01:15.030 --> 00:01:19.170
for the mind -- And since it is Ayurveda
for the mind we're going to be talking

00:01:19.170 --> 00:01:23.880
about emotional intelligence and we're
going to be looking at emotional

00:01:23.880 --> 00:01:29.820
intelligence through an Ayurvedic aspect
so please tell us what is emotional

00:01:29.820 --> 00:01:39.060
intelligence while I drink coffee -- Ayurveda
says that emotionally when you look at

00:01:39.060 --> 00:01:47.580
people you see three main different
types and you have probably heard these

00:01:47.580 --> 00:01:53.160
words before if you have listened to our
podcast and the three different types

00:01:53.160 --> 00:02:08.550
are Vata Pitta kapha Vata emotionally
has to do with keeping an open mind and

00:02:08.550 --> 00:02:14.730
will be going back and forth between
mind and emotions because they are

00:02:14.730 --> 00:02:22.769
interconnected, our mind determines our
emotions and vice versa so emotional

00:02:22.769 --> 00:02:32.180
vata is somebody who just doesn't sweat
the small stuff has a wider perspective

00:02:32.180 --> 00:02:40.260
doesn't get easily offended doesn't get
stuck with the little things and vata's

00:02:40.260 --> 00:02:50.760
key word is all about movement so
movement being flexible. Pitta emotionally

00:02:50.760 --> 00:03:01.590
is somebody who has courage and strength
and keeps moving forward no matter what

00:03:01.590 --> 00:03:13.350
pitta is driven so you you would think of
more like emotional resilience -- I like that word -- yeah so

00:03:13.350 --> 00:03:21.330
vata is more emotional intelligence
bigger perspective pitta is more

00:03:21.330 --> 00:03:29.520
emotional resilience you you just when
you hear no when you hear ohi you

00:03:29.520 --> 00:03:34.800
figure out okay how can I make this
happen how can I work with this person

00:03:34.800 --> 00:03:42.990
and make things happen even though they
are telling me no right now and because

00:03:42.990 --> 00:03:47.850
pitta is all about transformation that's
the key word  -- transforming that ohi

00:03:47.850 --> 00:03:57.980
into a nai -- exactly your Greek is so
good and then kapha emotional kapha is

00:03:57.980 --> 00:04:07.980
somebody who has empathy who has
compassion who who's who says okay this

00:04:07.980 --> 00:04:15.180
person is telling me no right now
because of who knows what's happening to

00:04:15.180 --> 00:04:19.169
who knows what battle they have to go

00:04:19.169 --> 00:04:22.919
through right now
so I'm not gonna take it personal and

00:04:22.919 --> 00:04:32.430
I'm just gonna have compassion I'm gonna
have empathy and I'm gonna see how I can

00:04:32.430 --> 00:04:38.460
work with them how I can make them feel
better actually it's more about the

00:04:38.460 --> 00:04:46.260
other person about understanding why the
this adversity may be happening -- and that

00:04:46.260 --> 00:04:49.979
that would fall into almost like
negotiations -- yes and emotional

00:04:49.979 --> 00:04:54.960
sustenance you would call that
sustenance and exactly you would go

00:04:54.960 --> 00:05:02.479
into negotiation with them because
kapha's key word is stability so

00:05:02.479 --> 00:05:08.880
sustenance so you have emotional
intelligence in terms of vata emotional

00:05:08.880 --> 00:05:15.050
resilience in terms of pitta and
emotional sustenance in terms of kapha

00:05:15.050 --> 00:05:23.300
-- so those things all together can create a --
a very very rich

00:05:23.300 --> 00:05:31.260
emotionally complete person -- and that
makes you have a very happy -- a very happy

00:05:31.260 --> 00:05:36.540
life not just happy moments in your life
you have a very happy life you have

00:05:36.540 --> 00:05:43.350
contentment -- very nice so we'll be right
back with how you are when you're out of

00:05:43.350 --> 00:05:50.180
balance -- oh no but stay tuned it's gonna
be interesting

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questions you may have Tim and Vie would
love to hear from you

00:06:17.140 --> 00:06:25.600
and we're back so we just talked about
kapha pitta vata in balance

00:06:25.600 --> 00:06:30.490
-- yes -- and now can you give a little bit of
what they are like when they're out of

00:06:30.490 --> 00:06:37.150
balance which is sort of like what most
people are -- yeah and you know -- not all

00:06:37.150 --> 00:06:44.380
people --  we are all going to
recognize ourselves in this but that's

00:06:44.380 --> 00:06:54.360
okay as long as we recognize ourselves
vata, vata is all about movement so

00:06:54.360 --> 00:07:01.480
emotional vata out of balance is
movement of emotions the emotions are

00:07:01.480 --> 00:07:10.230
all over the place good and bad all over
the place they are not consistent

00:07:10.230 --> 00:07:17.110
emotional vata they just start crying
right away without any significant

00:07:17.110 --> 00:07:22.570
reason when somebody tells them no
somebody tells them something they don't

00:07:22.570 --> 00:07:30.510
like they feel offended and they just
start crying turning within -- okay --

00:07:30.510 --> 00:07:42.460
pitta out of balance is getting angry and
yelling and screaming and disrespecting

00:07:42.460 --> 00:07:49.090
the person in front of them like like an

00:07:49.090 --> 00:07:56.170
you know dictator like person -- an
immature dictaror? -- an immature as opposed to a mature dictator yeah

00:07:56.170 --> 00:08:02.590
that didn't come out too good but you
get the idea like a little kid throwing

00:08:02.590 --> 00:08:09.580
a tantrum that's you know if they don't
get their it's their way or the

00:08:09.580 --> 00:08:22.720
highway pretty much but a lot of strong
fire and then kapha out of balance kapha

00:08:22.720 --> 00:08:27.310
is all about stability and sustenance so
kapha out of

00:08:27.310 --> 00:08:34.930
balance gets stuck they have
emotional attachment so they are the

00:08:34.930 --> 00:08:42.520
person who's gonna hold a grudge forever
they won't cry they won't scream and

00:08:42.520 --> 00:08:51.040
yell you won't know but they are going
to hold that grudge they do not forgive

00:08:51.040 --> 00:08:58.540
easily -- is that the type of person that
just sticks to the past always and doesn't

00:08:58.540 --> 00:09:05.830
move forward at all -- exactly that's yeah
they that's they get stuck in the

00:09:05.830 --> 00:09:14.730
past but you don't necessarily know
about it, it's very, it's kept more

00:09:14.730 --> 00:09:20.890
deep down -- and there's they and then that
would also have the anger because the

00:09:20.890 --> 00:09:29.320
kapha kicks in --  yes it can bring
out anger but but usually when the

00:09:29.320 --> 00:09:38.740
kapha is stronger than the pita the anger
won't come out until a lot later so it's

00:09:38.740 --> 00:09:45.310
that so you'd rather you know having to
choose between pitta out of balance or

00:09:45.310 --> 00:09:51.430
kapha out of balance you're safer with
pitta out of balance because they are

00:09:51.430 --> 00:09:57.400
just gonna scream and yell and then
they'll forget about it and then you're

00:09:57.400 --> 00:10:03.490
best friends and drinking together -- ok
so I have a question is which one goes

00:10:03.490 --> 00:10:09.070
out of balance first? --
Oh vata vata is the quickest to go out

00:10:09.070 --> 00:10:15.760
of balance so the the person whose
emotions are all over the place who gets

00:10:15.760 --> 00:10:22.320
sad very easily vata is typically
the quickest to go out of balance and

00:10:22.320 --> 00:10:32.830
then vata can push pitta and then vata
can turn into anger so it may start as

00:10:32.830 --> 00:10:40.450
vata and if it's not being recognized
on time then it will push pitta

00:10:40.450 --> 00:10:45.279
and then you will have the anger -- and
then pitta going out of balance can then

00:10:45.279 --> 00:10:51.310
push kapha out of balance? -- exactly and then and then you have serious problems you know if

00:10:51.310 --> 00:10:56.710
the three bioenergies like that go
out of balance then you have serious

00:10:56.710 --> 00:11:01.900
problems that's why you want to take
care of the vata as quickly as

00:11:01.900 --> 00:11:07.020
possible -- so I'm going to go in reverse
though since you want to take care of

00:11:07.020 --> 00:11:13.690
that first I'm gonna go into what if
kapha is out of balance what can you do

00:11:13.690 --> 00:11:21.070
to bring kapha back into balance so that
you don't have the extremes? --  having

00:11:21.070 --> 00:11:27.910
having a solid kapha emotional
characteristic is very important because

00:11:27.910 --> 00:11:35.980
kapha is your foundation you want you
want that stability so to to make sure

00:11:35.980 --> 00:11:47.050
that you have you have a solid
emotional kapha you you want to you want

00:11:47.050 --> 00:11:54.279
to pay attention to how how your
emotions are you you want to look within

00:11:54.279 --> 00:12:02.560
and say have I been holding anything
have I have I come into terms with my

00:12:02.560 --> 00:12:08.500
past or am I still mad at my father
mother grandparents siblings and all

00:12:08.500 --> 00:12:17.560
that do I hold any grudges do I have any
any traumatic experiences that I haven't

00:12:17.560 --> 00:12:27.130
let go of for example myself I had I had a
doll house that I wanted my parents

00:12:27.130 --> 00:12:32.410
to buy me when I was a little kid -- and
you still want it -- I still want the doll house

00:12:32.410 --> 00:12:39.070
and I remember how my mom didn't
want me to get that doll house and she had

00:12:39.070 --> 00:12:43.690
explained to me why and even though I
was really traumatized

00:12:43.690 --> 00:12:50.140
then and I was really annoyed I
still thank her to this day I'm still

00:12:50.140 --> 00:12:59.380
grateful that she didn't let me have my
way so so I am but some day I may

00:12:59.380 --> 00:13:05.830
get that dollhouse -- just to have -- just to have that so that's what you wanna be looking you know

00:13:05.830 --> 00:13:12.640
every so often do an inventory and say
you know what am i what am i holding

00:13:12.640 --> 00:13:19.360
from the past and did I use that that
negative experience did I use it for

00:13:19.360 --> 00:13:28.900
something good or am I still mad at this
person and once you do that and you find

00:13:28.900 --> 00:13:34.920
what you didn't like and what you have
learned and you come to terms with that

00:13:34.920 --> 00:13:43.990
not in a fake way but in a in a real way
then you you have a really great start

00:13:43.990 --> 00:13:51.690
-- so that would be meditating focusing our thoughts -- yes exactly that would be yes that would be

00:13:51.690 --> 00:13:58.690
sitting quietly somewhere doesn't have
to be in a dark room listening to om

00:13:58.690 --> 00:14:05.290
and stuff can be anywhere and just
bringing back these memories and seeing

00:14:05.290 --> 00:14:12.880
if seeing how they affected you and if
there is something you still don't like

00:14:12.880 --> 00:14:19.480
you are still not happy with see how
you can you can learn from it and say

00:14:19.480 --> 00:14:25.630
well you know I might not have liked
it then but am I happy with where I'm at

00:14:25.630 --> 00:14:33.460
now because where you are at now is
because of everything that happened

00:14:33.460 --> 00:14:38.890
before and if you are not happy with
where you are at now then do something

00:14:38.890 --> 00:14:46.720
about it other than bitching about it
take action take action it's the only

00:14:46.720 --> 00:14:51.740
way otherwise ten years down the road
-- you are still on the same place --

00:14:51.740 --> 00:14:59.920
you'll actually be worse off -- so kapha is
a good thing is to meditate think about

00:14:59.920 --> 00:15:08.120
what is pitta? --  in terms of how do
you deal with pitta well first you got

00:15:08.120 --> 00:15:14.060
to deal with kapha then you with pitta

00:15:14.060 --> 00:15:20.000
-- or should we talk about vata which one's
better? -- well kapha is your foundation kapha

00:15:20.000 --> 00:15:25.130
is what you want to make sure you have a
solid foundation and then that will

00:15:25.130 --> 00:15:31.280
enable you to deal with pitta and vata
and whether you're gonna deal with pitta

00:15:31.280 --> 00:15:38.630
first or vata first is what you look at
your tendencies so if your tendencies

00:15:38.630 --> 00:15:45.890
are more to get angry and disrespect the
other person then it's more the pitta

00:15:45.890 --> 00:15:53.420
that you wanna look at if your tendency
is to turn within and start crying and

00:15:53.420 --> 00:15:59.330
feeling sorry for yourself then you deal
more with vata -- ok but it's good to deal with

00:15:59.330 --> 00:16:06.380
kapha first or is it good to deal --
it is it's best to deal with kapha

00:16:06.380 --> 00:16:14.840
first because you can do that you can do
that at any time and that's that's what

00:16:14.840 --> 00:16:23.210
gives you the introspection and dealing
with the past and looking at any grudges

00:16:23.210 --> 00:16:30.020
that you hold whether against yourself
or others that will give you the

00:16:30.020 --> 00:16:34.310
foundation the sustenance to deal with
the other ones

00:16:34.310 --> 00:16:44.740
-- okay so let's go to pitta  --  pitta pitta 
is you wanna you wanna recognize that

00:16:44.740 --> 00:16:54.280
you are getting angry and that's that's
what is the most difficult part

00:16:54.280 --> 00:17:01.820
sometimes is to recognize that you are
getting angry and that you're rude at

00:17:01.820 --> 00:17:11.020
others and to stop blaming it on
genetics and to stop blaming it on the

00:17:11.020 --> 00:17:20.300
society on the job on the boss on the
part -- on anything external -- so you need to

00:17:20.300 --> 00:17:29.270
recognize that and then you then you you
you have to be aware of when

00:17:29.270 --> 00:17:37.190
you're doing it and the easiest way is
ask somebody that you are really

00:17:37.190 --> 00:17:45.380
comfortable with ask them to point that out
to you when you do it and that's that's

00:17:45.380 --> 00:17:51.410
the easiest way to go about it but if
you don't have can you still figure it

00:17:51.410 --> 00:17:56.000
out or do you have to have somebody
around if you don't then if you don't

00:17:56.000 --> 00:18:02.870
have somebody around to ask for that
then you just you you just make a point

00:18:02.870 --> 00:18:10.190
it may take a little bit more effort to
to remind yourself that you're doing it

00:18:10.190 --> 00:18:17.590
that's it and you just you just pay
attention so you you need to be able to

00:18:17.590 --> 00:18:23.840
identify the emotion is it anger is it
frustration what is it

00:18:23.840 --> 00:18:32.480
-- so kapha is meditation pitta is more
awareness -- yes pitta is more awareness -- so what is vata? -- vata is

00:18:32.480 --> 00:18:45.110
awareness also but awareness of your
mood swings awareness of why do things

00:18:45.110 --> 00:18:52.150
throw you off awareness of why do you
feel like a victim

00:18:52.150 --> 00:18:58.910
pitta is more of awareness of why do you
behave like a dictator

00:18:58.910 --> 00:19:09.290
whereas vata is why are your emotions so
scattered so all over the place what

00:19:09.290 --> 00:19:16.190
makes you so afraid
-- so between awareness and meditation you

00:19:16.190 --> 00:19:22.909
can take care of all three of your
doshas -- exactly -- so now that we know what

00:19:22.909 --> 00:19:29.240
it is in balance and what it is out of
balance we'll be right back to talk

00:19:29.240 --> 00:19:35.840
about how you can become tridoshic --
exactly and have the richest emotional

00:19:35.840 --> 00:19:44.059
world possible stay tuned

00:19:44.230 --> 00:19:52.630
-- and we're back again so I've been told
on many occasions that you're born like

00:19:52.630 --> 00:19:57.880
vata or you're born pitta or you're born
and all these tests tell you whether

00:19:57.880 --> 00:20:01.990
you're vata pitta or kapha
and that's what you're stuck with -- yeah

00:20:01.990 --> 00:20:07.330
and then you take herbs and blah blah blah --  so
you're telling me though that we should

00:20:07.330 --> 00:20:15.490
be all three emotionally and -- mentally 
and even physically -- how can you be

00:20:15.490 --> 00:20:21.190
all three emotionally and mentally we'll
get into physically another day but

00:20:21.190 --> 00:20:28.779
we're talking about the mind so
emotionally and mentally how can that be? --

00:20:28.779 --> 00:20:37.320
ah that's what the ancient
Ayurvedic texts say actually the ancient

00:20:37.320 --> 00:20:45.399
Ayurvedic texts say that you want to
have balanced doshas you want to have

00:20:45.399 --> 00:20:53.220
balanced bio-energies and of course
when we say balanced it's it's a dynamic

00:20:53.220 --> 00:21:04.899
balance it's not a strict line if you do
not have a dynamic balance of all three

00:21:04.899 --> 00:21:15.269
then chances are that whatever is more
prevalent is going to go out of balance

00:21:15.269 --> 00:21:21.460
faster and especially if it is the vata
because the vata is real quick to go out

00:21:21.460 --> 00:21:31.000
of balance and I mean think about it
right we said that vata is about having

00:21:31.000 --> 00:21:40.029
a perspective having having flexible
emotions and flexible mind having

00:21:40.029 --> 00:21:47.380
emotional intelligence pitta is about
having that resilience that courage that

00:21:47.380 --> 00:21:56.200
strength to work with the others and
kapha is about understanding the others

00:21:56.200 --> 00:22:00.640
about having
the that empathy what's going on with

00:22:00.640 --> 00:22:06.520
them don't you want to have all three
doesn't it sound that if you have all

00:22:06.520 --> 00:22:18.450
three you have a rich stable emotional
world and then you know you don't

00:22:18.450 --> 00:22:25.120
become the emotional yo-yo with the up
and downs you don't become the dictator

00:22:25.120 --> 00:22:31.720
you don't become the person who holds
grudges -- and by just taking turmeric I

00:22:31.720 --> 00:22:37.360
should be able to take care of that problem
--  no it's not gonna do it it's it's

00:22:37.360 --> 00:22:49.929
not gonna do it you you you have it's it
takes more work than that you have to do

00:22:49.929 --> 00:22:54.460
the meditation you have to pay attention -- 
you have to learn yourself -- you have to

00:22:54.460 --> 00:23:03.700
learn yourself it's like know thyself
I think Socrates said that -- so stoicism

00:23:03.700 --> 00:23:11.530
again is always a good fallback when we're
talking about Ayurveda -- exactly stoicism is easier

00:23:11.530 --> 00:23:19.059
for us to relate to for a lot of the
Westerners ah and going back to the

00:23:19.059 --> 00:23:25.179
Upanishads it's all about understanding
yourself they they both say the same

00:23:25.179 --> 00:23:35.200
thing is meditate and pay attention -- and
so you can become all three -- yes yes you

00:23:35.200 --> 00:23:42.790
can become all three as long as you know
what your tendencies are because like

00:23:42.790 --> 00:23:51.550
you said yes we are born with certain
tendencies that doesn't mean that we are

00:23:51.550 --> 00:23:57.910
perfect the way we are born and the way
our tendencies are and that's the huge

00:23:57.910 --> 00:24:06.010
huge misconception in the commodity Ayurveda
 they say our prakruti what we are

00:24:06.010 --> 00:24:10.630
born with is what is perfect for us and
that is

00:24:10.630 --> 00:24:18.980
absolutely not true what we are born
with is the tendencies that we have it's

00:24:18.980 --> 00:24:25.820
not what's perfect for us what is then
there is no such thing as perfect but

00:24:25.820 --> 00:24:32.900
what is the best for us is having the
dynamic balance of the three bio

00:24:32.900 --> 00:24:41.300
energies so our tendencies can become
great assets to help us cultivate what

00:24:41.300 --> 00:24:48.770
we are missing but if we do not
understand our tendencies and if we do

00:24:48.770 --> 00:24:57.500
not control them we we are we are
missing our purpose in life it's a sin

00:24:57.500 --> 00:25:02.720
actually we are missing our mark -- which
then will have to go into Greek since

00:25:02.720 --> 00:25:10.040
you just said that what is the word in Greek
for sin? --  it is amartia and if you break

00:25:10.040 --> 00:25:18.830
it down from ancient Greek and all that
it is missing your mark missing your

00:25:18.830 --> 00:25:27.970
purpose in life and that is actually a
sin it has nothing to do with the modern

00:25:27.970 --> 00:25:37.520
conventional religious concept of sin it
is missing our purpose -- our Dharma --

00:25:37.520 --> 00:25:46.310
our Dharma do not making the best of
this human experience -- so if you do it

00:25:46.310 --> 00:25:51.620
right you get you start knowing who you
are -- yes -- and after you know who you are

00:25:51.620 --> 00:25:59.090
you then can work on bringing everything
together equally -- exactly -- and then you

00:25:59.090 --> 00:26:04.820
can assist other people -- exactly -- because you then
can take somebody that's telling you no

00:26:04.820 --> 00:26:10.220
and through doing knowing who you are
and doing all that you then can

00:26:10.220 --> 00:26:16.940
negotiate -- yes -- to get what you want and
also get what they want -- exactly -- so both people

00:26:16.940 --> 00:26:23.690
leave happy -- yes helping both parties
first you understand

00:26:23.690 --> 00:26:32.929
yourself the one party and then you can
build the common ground so you can help

00:26:32.929 --> 00:26:40.190
the other party so you can both make the
most of that human experience at that

00:26:40.190 --> 00:26:45.559
particular moment -- instead of just
getting mad or crying or getting stuck

00:26:45.559 --> 00:26:53.200
on a no on an ohi -- and making yourself feel terrible
and them feeling terrible and then

00:26:53.200 --> 00:27:01.129
making a mess of everything wasting 
that moment during this human

00:27:01.129 --> 00:27:10.580
experience being able to control your
emotions and your thoughts that is

00:27:10.580 --> 00:27:17.299
the only way to help yourself and if you
are not able to control your emotions

00:27:17.299 --> 00:27:25.970
then it means that you're addicted to
them and addictions -- that's a whole

00:27:25.970 --> 00:27:34.850
different talk -- but it's true I mean we most
of the time most people behave as if

00:27:34.850 --> 00:27:44.450
they are addicted to their emotions
-- is there a crystal since we are going to

00:27:44.450 --> 00:27:53.720
be doing the show in Georgia for what is
it December -- holistic holidays with the north georgia holistic

00:27:53.720 --> 00:27:57.500
guild -- and we're gonna be having crystals
there -- yes --

00:27:57.500 --> 00:28:04.850
is there a specific crystal for pitta kapha
because you already brought up larimar the last

00:28:04.850 --> 00:28:15.679
one -- in general any anything -- that we carry --  it
doesn't have to be crystal can be any

00:28:15.679 --> 00:28:24.769
practice that helps you become aware of
your emotions that helps you control

00:28:24.769 --> 00:28:32.330
your emotions no we are not talking
about crystals right now -- okay fine -- no ohi -- ohi -- and there is no

00:28:32.330 --> 00:28:39.860
common ground here it's my way 
or the highway -- fine -- we can always

00:28:39.860 --> 00:28:46.279
negotiate about it -- yes so I will go grab a
crystal and think about it -- and we'll be

00:28:46.279 --> 00:28:52.659
right back with Tim having the
crystal stay tuned

00:28:56.140 --> 00:29:07.690
-- and we're back to talk about emeralds
I've won the debate -- it was a negotiation emerald

00:29:07.690 --> 00:29:16.059
the green stone emerald can also be
grown in a lab so you have to be

00:29:16.059 --> 00:29:26.460
careful when you are getting emeralds you
want real emeralds emerald is all about

00:29:26.460 --> 00:29:36.490
empathy and like we already said you
want to build empathy you want to build

00:29:36.490 --> 00:29:47.799
your kapha bioenergy by meditating by
studying your past and figuring out

00:29:47.799 --> 00:29:56.410
whether you hold any grudges or not it's
going back to your history right we can

00:29:56.410 --> 00:30:04.570
only become better if we study history
-- and that's where you get into you have

00:30:04.570 --> 00:30:09.030
to know yourself you have to know your
history so you don't repeat it -- exactly

00:30:09.030 --> 00:30:15.700
exactly you have to become your own
teacher and actually emerald is the

00:30:15.700 --> 00:30:23.710
stone for Wednesday and Wednesday is the
day of Mercury -- it's also in the day of

00:30:23.710 --> 00:30:30.120
Odin -- yeah in Norse mythology the day of 
Odin -- and he lost his eye for knowledge

00:30:30.120 --> 00:30:37.169
-- exactly -- he gave up his eye to get knowledge --
for the divine and the divine is

00:30:37.169 --> 00:30:44.110
understanding ourselves it's not out
there the divine is here as long as we

00:30:44.110 --> 00:30:51.910
can understand it -- and Mercury is also in
Greek mythology is Hermes -- yes yeah

00:30:51.910 --> 00:30:59.720
Mercury is Hermes -- can't forget Greek -- yes we don't want to piss off any of the Gods

00:30:59.720 --> 00:31:07.850
-- yeah so Hermes Mercury and Odin -- exactly -- they're all about knowledge -- all about knowledge all

00:31:07.850 --> 00:31:16.340
about studying studying history and
first of all our personal history so we

00:31:16.340 --> 00:31:24.980
do not make the same mistakes there is a
Greek proverb that says that if you if

00:31:24.980 --> 00:31:35.659
you fool me no that's English right -- that's an English proverb -- yes I'm sure it started from ancient Greece -- what is it? -- In Greek it is " to dis

00:31:35.659 --> 00:31:42.200
examartein ouk andros sophou"  which means
to make the same mistake twice

00:31:42.200 --> 00:31:48.860
you are not a wise one how do you quit
making the same mistake over and over

00:31:48.860 --> 00:31:55.309
-- and that's through knowing yourself --
through self-study go back and figure

00:31:55.309 --> 00:32:04.270
out whether that doll house
traumatized you or not -- hopefully it didn't --

00:32:04.270 --> 00:32:13.100
the future will show -- so that's it for --
that's it for this episode thank you all

00:32:13.100 --> 00:32:26.630
so much for being here
namaste kala may we all be well -- if you

00:32:26.630 --> 00:32:31.309
found today's show helpful please give
us a rating a review or both and

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subscribe to the podcast and never miss
an episode

00:32:34.460 --> 00:32:42.030
as always namaste Kala which in greek
means may we all be well

00:32:42.030 --> 00:32:48.510
this program copyright true fitness
incorporated all rights reserved

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