Happy Birthday Saturn!

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In today’s world, planet talk is highly considered new age or even witch craft, something that belongs in tabloid magazine articles. And yes, unfortunately, this is accurate to a great extent, for a good percentage of this type of material. There is however, a completely different kind of planet talk, and whether we believe in it or not, we still witness its effects. Ask any experienced astronomer, and they will tell you that the movements and the positions of the planets do affect us, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Interestingly enough, in Sanskrit, the language of Ayurveda, and one of the oldest written languages, the word for planet is graha which means to grasp, or grab hold of. According to the Vedic tradition, the planets have hold of our destiny. Learning to work with them, is almost developing a hack that helps us gain an unfair advantage in this life.

Saturn is considered the most austere of all planets. He is often personified as a wise, older man, who is all about perseverance, tenacity and hard work. According to legend, Saturn is born to the Sun and the Shadow, on the new moon of the second lunar month of the Vedic calendar. This year, Saturn’s birthday falls on May 15th.

Saturn being born to the Sun and the Shadow symbolizes the descend of spirit into matter. This is why a healthier, happier Saturn helps us see a more clear, crisp reality as opposed to what we think it is, or even worse, what we think it should be. A more content Saturn is more likely to help us use our time wisely, as opposed to letting us waste it in the dark shadows. A benevolent Saturn is more likely to help us gain control of our ability to persevere, endure and remove any personal tendencies that weaken us, any self-imposed boundaries.

What a better time to connect with Saturn than on his birthday? There are several practices to use to celebrate Saturn’s special day

  • Repeating out loud, or quietly, Saturn’s favorite mantra: Om Shanicharaya Namaha Say it as many times as you wish, as often as you wish. Here is the audio file with the pronunciation and the translation to help you practice.

  • Feeding Saturn’s favorite bird, crows!
  • Wearing or carrying one of his favorite stones, blue sapphire stone or lapis lazuli. You can easily find them here: blue sapphire stone and lapis lazuli
  • Performing karma work, or work that requires austerity.
  • Reflecting upon the knowledge and strength (as in the Sun) that you have developed through sorrows and misfortunes (as in the Shadow).

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Happy Birthday Saturn!

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