Fatwood – All Natural Fire Starter

Almost every one agrees that one of the greatest and yet most underrated experiences in life, is the smell of a campfire or even better, sitting by the campfire.

Starting a clean, healthy fire is definitely very rewarding but by the same token, it can be challenging, especially during uncooperative weather conditions.

Just like with everything else in life, Mother Earth has given us the answer: It is called fatwood and it is abundant in nature.

Fatwood is produced by dead pine trees, it is made by the sap that has settled into the the heartwood and has turned into resin. The two best places on the tree that give fatwood are at the stump and where the branches meet the trunk.

Fatwood shavings make for the best fire starter, or tinder. You can use a a match, a lighter or a firesteel (if you are so inclined) to set it on fire. It will burn hot enough to guarantee that your kindling catches. Of course, depending on the weather, you may need a small stick instead of just shavings.

A small container of fatwood is an essential part of our camping gear. The video below shows you how to harvest fatwood out in nature. Of course, you can always purchase it online.

Fatwood – All Natural Fire Starter from Tim And Vie on Vimeo.

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Did you know that harvesting fatwood is an old Ayurvedic practice? For other timeless Ayurvedic practices, visit our training library at


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