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Consciousness sleeps in the stone, dreams in the plant, awakes in the animal and slowly becomes aware of itself in the human being. – Pythagoras

Have you ever wondered why little kids are so attracted to rocks and sand? The rocks and the sand belong to the Mineral Kingdom, the oldest kingdom to ever inhabit Mother Earth. The Mineral Kingdom was here for millions of years before the first plant materialized. Imagine how new to this planet we are! The crystals and the rocks are the most effective way we have to get in touch with our roots, pun intended. 🙂

Some of you are probably asking right now: Why would we even care to do that? You are talking about going back to the stone age…

The Mineral Kingdom, not surprisingly, represents stability and order (in Ayurveda we refer to it, as the Kapha bio-energy).

Its members feature various crystalline structures that inherently tend to remain in a balanced state. This implies that:

  • Energy flow through a mineral is consistent. And yes, there is energy flowing through minerals.
  • When discordant energy enters the crystal or the rock, it is transformed into a harmonious state.

Actually, this is why, several minerals are currently being used in high-tech applications. Ok, great. What does all this mean to me right here, right now?

According to Ayurveda, the state of disease begins with an imbalance of our outer electromagnetic field. However, we do not perceive it until it manifests into an obvious physical symptom.

Since we are all undeniably part of the Unified Field of Energy, we can use various crystals and rocks to assist the harmonious energy flow of our electromagnetic energy field. According to Modern Physics, this is indeed possible due to the principles of vibration, frequency and resonance.

Now the natural question arises: How do I know what to use and when?

Fortunately, Mother Earth is wise. She has provided us with numerous marvelous options and the innate ability to pay attention, listen and trust ourselves.

Thank you for reading! Do you have a favorite rock? Let us know what it is, in the comment section below.

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