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Every certified instructor of Yoga, Ayurveda or Fitness knows that obtaining that first certification is only letting them know how much more there is to learn. Without a consistent Continuing Education path they will never do justice to their profession or their clients.

Some certifying bodies require certain number of Continuing Education credits every so often and some do not. Also, some trade associations (non-certifying bodies) require certain number of Continuing Education credits every so often and some do not. Yoga Alliance for example, a non-certifying trade association, requires 30 ceu’s every 3 years, in order for the individual to maintain their membership status.

However, regardless of any bureaucratic formality, Continuing Education is the only way you have, in order to better serve your clients.

Through Continuing Education, you can

  • Build upon your existing expertise
  • Further your skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Learn of new advancements in your field

Continuing Education comes in several forms, such as lectures, workshops, in person training programs, or seminars, and even in the form of distance learning courses, involving reading material, viewing material, listening material, e-books and email correspondence.

Today’s technological advancements, in terms of communication, has allowed the quality of Continuing Education to make giant leaps forward. One can create online courses containing unique material that incorporate a combination of

  • Live-Online lectures delivered through video and audio
  • Reading assignments
  • Exercises and Quizzes to ensure the students are engaging with the material
  • Student Interaction/Discussion
  • Student-Teacher live-online communication in a private setting

This is exactly what we have done here at Spartan Mind Strength™. We have created and continue to create specialized courses based on several decades and disciplines of combined experience, that can be delivered to you when, where, and however you wish, without the added expenses of travel.

These specialized courses focus on but are not limited to

  • Raja Ayurveda™
  • Power Yin™
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Stand Up Paddle & Yoga
  • Stand Up Paddle & Fitness
  • Several styles of Fitness

Other than dramatically enhancing your existing skills, knowledge and understanding, these courses may also be eligible as continuing education credits for

  • Yoga Alliance
  • AAPNA (Ayurvedic Association of Professionals of North America)
  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • ACE (American Council on Exercise)
  • ISSA (International Sports Science Association)
  • State Boards of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy
  • Several others

Whether your certifying body or trade association requires Continuing Education credits or not, it is your responsibility to keep advancing.

The way you do anything is the way you do everything. Honor your clients and your profession by honoring your education.

Thank you for reading and sharing! See you at one of our upcoming trainings.

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