100-hr Ayurveda Training – Blended Format

100-hr Global Ayurveda Training – Blended Format starting January 11

For all yoga teachers, wellness coaches and personal trainers. This course will give you the ability to work with yourself and your private clients at a deeper level

This Ayurveda Training will have a Blended Format so you can attend from the comfort of your own home. It will be completed over a period of 9 months starting Thursday, January 11th.

It will consist of

  • 2 group skype calls a week of about an hour each. If you are not able to attend the call, no worries, you will have access to the recorded call.
  • Weekly one-on-one time with us via Skype and email to answer any private questions.
  • Online courses on our training website consisting of videos, audio, text and quizzes to monitor your personal progress.
  • Private Facebook structure for timely group communication.
  • A list of preparatory reading and references.

The time commitment to attend the course is approximately 2-3 hours a week. The personal study commitment is unlimited. 😊

This course is AAPNA approved and counts towards 100 AAPNA PACE.

It also can go towards our 200-hr / 300-hr / 500-hr / 750-hr or 1000-hr Heart to Mind Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy Certification.

Registration and Tuition

The tuition is $1,440.00 USD.

Registration consists of a $300.00 USD non-refundable down-payment. The remaining of the tuition must be paid in 5 consecutive monthly installments starting the first month of the training.

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The Curriculum

  • Sankhya Philosophy – The Foundation of Ayurveda
  • The Five Elements and Their Attributes
  • The Five Elements and the Senses
  • The Five Elements and the Tanmatras
  • The Theory of the Doshas and the 20 Attributes
  • The Doshas and the Subdoshas
  • The Three Bodily Essences
  • The Agni (the four varieties of the Digestive Fire and their functions)
  • The Dhatus (their nutrition, structure, byproducts and disorders)
  • The Bodily Channels and Systems (to receive, to nourish and maintain, to eliminate)
  • The Channel of the Mind
  • The Six Tastes (their potent energy, digestive effect and unique functions)
  • The Stages of Digestion
  • The Three Laws of Nutrition
  • The Cellular Metabolism
  • The Process of Disease
  • The Six Stages of Disease
  • The Pathways of Disease
  • The Definitions of Disease
  • The Levels of Disease
  • The Classifications of Disease and their Modern Equivalent
  • The Signs and Symptoms of the Disease
  • Client Assessment (constitutional, digestive, metabolic, mental)
  • Special Cases: Disorders of the Doshas
  • Special Cases: Disorders of the Dhatus and Bodily Wastes
  • Special Cases: Disorders of the Bodily Channels

Immerse yourself in the wisdom stemming from the teachings of the Ayurvedic Institute, Mount Madonna Institute and the American Institute of Vedic studies. All in the comfort of your own home.

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“Natural forces within us, are the true healers of disease” – Hippocrates

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