The Origins of Spartan Yoga™ – Part 1 of 2

One of the components of our Spartan Mind Strength™ training is what is called Spartan Yoga™.

Spartan Yoga™ is modern terminology conveying an extremely old and very effective style of training.

Spartan Yoga™ is the form of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual training that originated in Ancient Sparta. It creates the tenacity, skill, strength and compassion of the body, emotions, mind and soul required for the individual to fulfill their purpose in life (whether they know what their purpose is or not.)

The Spartans believed that as human beings we all have one thing in common, the desire to live with purpose. That purpose can be being a parent, a teacher, a waiter, a gardener, a medical doctor, a police officer, a builder, anything that serves the betterment of humanity and the environment.

Spartan Yoga™ is not specialized, it is simple. It is not wasting energy and effort, it is all about the economy of action. It is using the most effective movements in the shortest amount of time. Whether training for every day life or to compete in the Olympic games, the ancient Greeks believed that the body should be exercised as a whole, not in isolated parts.

According to Spartan Yoga™ the power is within us. It is based on empirical evidence, on results, not on theory, or philosophies. It is up to us, the individual, whether we will succeed or fail. The power is given to the person, not their teacher or guru.

This video was recorded in Thermopylae (Hot Gates), Greece. This is where the famous battle between the 300 Spartans (led by King Leonidas) and the 700 Thespians, against the invading Persian forces took place in 480 BC.

So, find your hero within.

“Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.” ― Epictetus

Until next time much, much love from both of us! By the way, what else would you like to know about, in terms of Spartan Yoga™? Let us know in the comment section below. And if you liked this, please hit the like button, share, and subscribe if you haven’t already. 🙂

Na’maste kala! Which is Greek for: May we all be well!

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