Spartan Plank

This is from an old blog on my most favorite pose! Still very accurate!

Also known as

  • caturanga dandāsana or
  • Four Limb Staff Pose or
  • Low Push-Up

Building Blocks – Spartan Plank Pose

  • Elbows are stacked directly over the wrists.
  • Press the insides of the hands on the ground and broaden the collarbone and the shoulder blades.
  • Lift your chest and forearms strongly from your rooted hands.
  • Reach from your tail bone, extending towards your heels.
  • Engage your upper back, your belly, your butt and quads so you distribute the weight
  • Create a staff-like formation from your back through your pelvis to your legs.
  • Propel the chest and then look forward without dropping your head.
  • Keep your chin slightly raised.
  • Focus on the inhalation and the exhalation being through the nose.

Transitioning Into The Chaturanga (Low Push Up) Pose – From the Spartan Plank Pose

  • Start bending your arms keeping your elbows as close to your body as possible.
  • Drop your shoulder blades down the back.
  • Keep your shoulders from rounding forward.
  • Balance on the balls of the feet.
  • Engage and lift the quads.
  • Tighten your chest, back, belly and butt.
  • Shoulders come hovering at elbow level.
  • Gently lift your chin.
  • Set a powerful gaze forward.
  • Keep your feet very active and your thighbones moving toward the back of your heels to elongate your lower back.


  • You can strain your shoulders by letting your elbows fall out to the sides. Keep your arms tucked in close to your body.
  • You can put excessive strain on your elbow joint by dropping your shoulders lower than elbow height.
  • Do not allow the mid torso to sag (you can crunch the neck, the upper back and strain the wrists). Keep as straight as a staff. 🙂


  • 6-Point Variation – If you have trouble bending your arms while keeping your body straight as a staff, try bringing your knees to the ground.
  • 8-Point Variation – You may also drop the chest and the chin to the floor.

Eventually, you will build the upper body strength needed for the Full Chaturanga (Low Push Up) pose.

Further Study

For a detailed step by step teacher training course on how to perform and/or teach chaturanga, please visit teacher-training-the-chaturanga-pose-with-, 6 and 8-point-variations

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